25 Day Reset

Life Is A Marathon … and so September begins

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Life Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

…and so September begins… The August 25 Day Reset program finished and for me it was enlightening and potentially life changing, (assuming I keep up the good work).

Progress v Perfection

I learned that life is a marathon , not a series of sprints and that whilst I might hit some steep climbs, and possibly slip back a bit, I never end up back where you started; I have always moved forward a bit.  With that in mind I need to constantly remember not to be so harsh on myself.  Try and give myself more realistic time frames.  and accept that the steep inclines may slow me down; or require me to rest up a bit; but when I’m recharged I can and will continue to move forward.  Aim for Progress not Perfection (thank you Abigail – I am going to get this tattooed on my forehead!).

Structure affords me freedom

I also learned  that structure affords me freedom.  I’ve always rebelled against timetabling (that’s the artist in me, or is it the rebel ?) Anyway.  By going with the flow I found that every single thing was being help in my head; things were getting missed; I never knew if I was coming or going and I was often chasing my tail.  But implementing some structure, albeit with plenty of flexibility, I have taken a weight off my shoulders, and I’m not burdened down nearly as much.  With an immense amount of help from Andy Parkes I am freeing my muddled mind by creating systems that work with my multi faceted and creative lifestyle.  My mind is freer to be the creative person I should be.

25 Day Reset – Month 2

With these two revelations in mind.  and the creation by Abigail Barnes of The Reset Community.  I am setting my goals for September.  Building on those of August but making them SMART…


Goal 1: KEEP Improving my systems


  1. With Andy’s help, get all the adhoc email accounts centralised onto outlook
  2. update my business cards (B&B, Art and Celebrant) with the new information and get them printed by 15th September
  3. create fliers for my celebrant services and get them printed at the same time (funerals and unity packages)
  4. keep learning and using To Do Lists  – work out how to better use Tasks, Planned, My Day  and Reminders, and add Steps to those tasks
  5. begin to integrate these to calendars – start by setting up one calendar
  6. create one new list per day – either a set of hashtags or a twitter list (on OneNotes)
  7. Schedule 4 tweets every day – 1 x B&B, 1 x celebrant – 1 x stained glass – 1 x share

Goal 2: KEEP Being Kind To Me

Over the decades I have not been very kind to myself; throwing harsh words at myself, negative mantras, raising up everyone around me, but not myself.  As I get older I am learning to love myself more, but I still spiral into self destruction from time to time…  Some of my journey of self discovery and self care is still unfolding and if you are interested you can read more ‘warts and all’ in the Mental Health and Wellbeing section of this blog. In the meantime, here are a few, smart actions that will help me on the next stage of my life marathon.


  1. Get to the gym at least 3 times per week
  2. get dressed EVERY morning even if there are no guests and am working from home!
  3. use body moisturiser EVERY DAY – time to be kinder to my skin
  4. Say something positive to myself EVERY MORNING and EVENING
  5. Put something in the happiness jar daily

So there we are.  The next block of realistic, measurable, achievable steps towards my interim goals.  I intend to remain accountable , via updates, if you’re interested.  Why don’t you join me on this journey of self development and self discovery.

Until next time


This blog is as part of my #25dayreset inspired by joining  the August 202o 25 Day Reset Program by Abigail Barnes (Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer, Business Consultant..and  General All Round Amazing  Extraordinary Individual)



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