Celebrations of All Life Affirming Moments

I’m talking ALL LIFE CELEBRATIONS!  With me as your Celebrant, there are no rules, there is no set structure to consider; no time limits or dress code formality to adhere to: no institutions to conform to.  All Life Celebrations are for you, about you and will encompass only words and activities that reflect you.  Together, led by your story and your vision, we can create the perfect ceremony, rituals and symbolism that works for YOU.

Gratitude Celebrations:  Survival, Friendship, Longevity, Acceptance

Sometimes life is hard.  We find ourselves in really dark places.  When we come out the other side we deserve to take time to appreciate what we have lost, how we have changed,  where we are heading and show gratitude to those who helped us through it.  It’s a BIG deal.  You’re a big deal.  Let me help you take stock of the mountain you’ve climbed and LOOK FORWARD with you to the next chapter

Becoming your True Authentic Self: Coming Out, Burying a Dead Name, Rebirth

You deserve to live your own truth, be happy in your own skin and be your complete authentic self,  Whatever journey you have been on to get there and whoever has walked that path with you deserves to be part of your celebration.
Ritual and Symbolic acts matter.  They help us to punctuate and celebrate our lives.  Let me help create something as unique and awesome as you are.

Other Chapter Ends and New Beginnings: Divorce, Adoption, Naming,  Emigration, Retirementand any other reason you think is a life changing moment 

Life is one hell of an adventure.  There’s at least a trilogy in there.  There are so many milestones to reach.  So many changes to make.  When these momentous occasions happen and we are closing one door and opening another, we should take a breath.  Take stock, reflect, move forward.  Let me help you punctuate these moments in your novel.

Celebrations of Love & Unity

Vow Renewals,  Non-traditional Weddings, Elopements,  Micro Weddings, Commitments, Civil Partnerships, Throuple Ceremonies  

 I love a good love story. 

I revel in the “how you mets” and personal traditions you share;

I’m intrigued by the obstacles you have overcome and all the how’s , where’s and why’s of your lives together. 

Listening and hearing you express your love and achievements is a privilege and a joy.  Sharing in your journey and ever evolving love story is so exciting, because I become part of your great adventure! 


and it will be fun
I love to enable people to embrace their unique extraordinary self and create no rules, no expectations ceremony that truly reflects their authentic selves.


PLEASE NOTE : Currently in the England and Wales, a wedding by a Celebrant is not legally binding, and should be carried out after a registry office or religious ceremony, should you wish it to be.


ALL LFE CELEBRATIONS starting from £595*

-initial chats are FREE and no obligation  

“Berni is compassionate and passionate, she’s quirky and totally real. I would not hesitate to recommend Berni to anyone who wants to mark a special moment in their lives in a way that will be one-of-a-kind.” – Dinah Liversidge – Coach, Mentor, Writer, Speaker – No Box Thinker

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