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Child Loss – Grief, support, awareness and moving forward …

Child Loss – Grief, support, awareness and moving forward …

If you are really lucky you will never know the pain of child loss grief, but sadly too many women and families do.  And its not just the mothers; their partners, the grandparents; other siblings; best friends…the impact is on everyone close to you.

Meet Sarah…

… I’d like to introduce you to the most exceptional of women, Sarah Stephens.

How does anyone even begin to deal with the loss of a child? What about the loss of two? How do they maintain their relationship? What happens to their friends? Where do they go for support? What is life like after such loss?

I met Sarah whilst investing in myself and taking part in a magnificent 5 day FREE workshop/challenge led by the incredibly dynamic, energetic and inspiring Dani Wallace ( check out Queen Bee Dani). Both Sarah and I were inspired by the Bee Heard Challenge Sept 2020 as we both wanted to gain more knowledge, skill and confidence to develop our public and live speaking in order to better deliver and promote our businesses.

… possibly the busiest woman I know…

Now in Sarah’s case, when I say ‘businesses’ plural I was possibly understating! I thought I was busy! Well Sarah is a multifaceted business woman; running her own independent travel concierge business; and a PR and marketing agency; she is also a professional photographer; a lecturer in entrepreneurship; an active member of Cheshire Socialites AND a mum to a gorgeous little girl called Aurora (Bringer of Light).

…surviving and thriving through tragedy…

Sarah, who lives in Manchester with her husband Pat, is also a woman and wife who has managed to deal with her own health issues and near death alongside the loss of two children; their first daughter, Violet at 15 months old and; their rainbow baby, son Arthur, stillborn at 22 weeks. Despite all of this , you meet Sarah and she is driven, inspiring and happily married. She openly and honestly shares her stories of tragedy, overcoming and living with/moving through the darkest moments of grief and creating her blog; Violet Skies having had to work through both losses with little, or no proper support from hospitals, doctors, or support services.

welcome to Violet Skies 

Her blog is for those who have managed to survive tragedy and also those who are friends and family of people like Sarah and Pat, dealing with tragedy, not knowing how to and quite often avoiding and further isolating those most in need.

Child loss, grief, support, awareness and moving forward.

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