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#25DayReset – Days 6 & waking up to Day 7

I’ve been thrown a curveball.  After day 5  which showed some promise on the goal hitting front, i succumbed to the ravages of perimenopausal ‘formication’  … not to be confused with the more joyful word where the ‘m’ becomes an ‘r’… usually, spell checker changes it and nobody knows why I’m complaining!

Anyway the stress and itching from this, and the hormone imbalance and the heat lead to the regular, but, thankfully, infrequent, situations of my body exhibiting an extreme allergic reaction (not anaphylactic extreme) response.  I watched as the big red itchy welts appeared all over my torso, back, neck, thighs and bottom..and the itching became umbearable.  I retreated to a cold bath where I spent most of the day as it was the only place i could find relief and snooze or think straight.  An emergenct phone appointment with my Doctor and a 5 day course of steroids will hopefully kick in soon.  No type of cream or antihistamine seems to touch it.

So to summerise.

Yesterday was a write off

I am feeling like a total failure

I suck at self care (goal 1)

I’ve got nowhere with creating structure

I seem to be making excuses; falling foul of external influences out of my control; and generally wondering why I’m so crap

However… small beams of light..

I am currently at my desk and writing this and not sat in a bath of tepid water!

I’m awake and it’s not the middle of the night

Which means whilst I’m here I CAN and WILL try and schedule some posts, and tidy my website a bit

AND I have a 1-2-1 with Andy Parkes at 2pm …am hoping that he will point me in the right direction calendar system wise and I will have something of use to offer him in return… maybe we’ll talk chickens 😉

Catch you at 8pm (ish)

Feel free to comment