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Getting Fit by dancing – with my new GetFit …. review/activity/lifestyle change!!

For some time now I’ve been considering getting on of those FitBit type things but haven’t been convinced I wouldn’t get bored or it or use it so had no intention of spending the £150-£200 quoted.

I’m not a gym goer and I don’t walk for the sake of covering miles.  I mean I don’t mind a walk around a city, along a beach or to excercise my friends dogs but walking just for walkings sake just doesn’t appear on my radar.  And I am most definitely not a runner or cyclist.

I do however think I am relatively active.  I waitress, run a B&B and garden for a few elderly neighbours as well as myself.  But I was curious.  All this talk of the 10,000 steps challenge.  I wanted to know how close I was to that daily on a weekly average.

Wowcher were offering GetFit HR12+ for £19 so I acquired one.

I’m not very technical.  Day one I did about 3000 steps but that was because I spent 3.5 hrs at the computer and with the GetFit trying to get it to work!!!  I’m not saying it was difficult , just me and technical instructions are not compatible.  Anyway Day 2 I was waitressing.  It was a hot sunny day and the garden of the cafe was in use, With the garden being downstairs and the day being particularly busy I felt pretty sure I’d easily hit my 10,000 steps.

I have never been so disappointed .  3500 steps on a 4 hr shift.  Talk about bursting my bubble

Day 3 I was gardening.  Target reached.

Day 4 I was active around the B&B and constantly checking the reading.  I got to the point where I was jiggling like I needed a wee whenever I was stood chatting to people in an attempt to raise the count.  Still only 8,500 steps

Desperate measures were required.  So I hatched a plan  I decided to attempt dancing through my daily tasks.  However to avoid being dragged off in a straightjacket I decided I best not be gyrating my way around Tescos or Aldis (or any other supermarket for that matter), I will restrict my dancing challenge to home based activities; excluding the preparation and serving of guest breakfast (I would like my guests to be repeat customers!)

I’ve become quite fond of using YouTube to listen to music and of starting off with one tune – the one I wake up with stuck in my head and then just follow whatever comes up next.  I thought you lovely rose tinted ramblings readers might like to know what the days playlist ends up being as well as other interesting info like, how many steps it counted, my moods before and after and the activities I danced through.  In return for my pricelessly useless but potentially interesting information I would very much like you to recommend my start song for another day and if you do, I promise to try it again.

So Day 5  I danced though the tedious task of ironing bedding for the B&B (I mean seriously, does anyone iron their own bedding? But when you go away you want to see crease free sheets on your bed right?)

I woke up full of beans , raring to dance and with David Bowies, Lets Dance in my head. I had 5 sets of double bedding to iron in order to prep the B&B for the next guests …


David Bowie – Lets Dance

Queen/Bowie – Under Pressure

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Prince – Purple Rain

Tina Turner – Simply the Best

Whitney Houston – Dance with Somebody

Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

Diana Ross – Coming Out

Aretha Franklin – Say a Little Prayer

Carley Simon – You’re so Vain

Stevie Wonder – Superstition

Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero

David Bowie (again) – Hero

George Harrison – Here comes the Sun

Israel Kamalawiwo’ole – Over The Rainbow/What a Beautiful World

Bob Marley – Don’t Worry Be Happy

Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine

Trolls / Mark Ronson – Can’t Stop This Feeling

Here’s a link to that playlist should you feel so inclined

I did skip a few purely because they were too slow to dance to.  sorry Sinaed O’Connor (Nothing Compares to You ), Adele (When We Were Young) , Simon and Garfunkel (sound of Silence) but other than that I just let YouTube choose

Afterwards I felt fantastic.  I ironed for almost 3 hours.  I did two extra sets of bedding because I was enjoying myself so much and overall for the say I managed 11,100 steps

And here’s a bit of proof…Hubby walked in with his camera wondering what I was up to….

I like the look and feel of the GetFit and I find the readings really clear and easy to access.  I’ve been wearing the HR12+ now for 4 weeks however, being a techno numbnut I don’t know how to reset it and as my phone is not working its not able to sync the time etc at the moment.  It does a perfectly fine job of step counting etc BUT it runs out of charge every day and a half so basically needs recharging every single day (or putting on charge before I go to bed.  Also the strap is impossible to do up without another person to help and most other people have been unable to do it only hubby seems to manage and it really hurts his hand.  My recommendation is to not only look at the price of the fitness tracker but how it does up and how long it holds its charge .  Ideally I would like one that motion charges like a good watch does….it certainly isn’t worth the £99 Wowcher said was the RRP but for £19 its fine.

I chose purple/pink especially and i really like the look and feel of it
its got a bit scratched because I do a lot of gardening
the pin doesn’t fit through the hole without huge pressure – it needs two hands to do so you need a friend plus that friend must not mind hurting his/her own hand in the process


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  1. This is an hilarious review and I have checked out that link for the playlist as those songs are all right up my dancing alley! I love dancing, it’s about the only form of exercise I actually enjoy so thanks for this, I have heaps of ironing built up. I have been a bit sceptical about fitbit type watches, I am also not very techie and would be so disheartened with a low count after a waitressing shift. Good to know this one is difficult to put on too. Thanks for sharing this great post on #blogcrush

    1. Berni Benton says:

      It livens up all the bori g and tedious jobs and gets you fit at the same time.. Xxx been away but will iron dance another aylist when I get home xxx

  2. THIS.IS.BRILLANT! loved the clip from hubby….who could stand still with a playlist like that. #blogcrush

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Cheers. Ironing bedding is a necessity when you run a guest house. Would never bother ironing my own bedding xx

  3. This is great #BlogCrush

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Thanks Claire. Xxx

    2. Berni Benton says:

      been dancing a lot even in this hat – but thank goodness theres no more sneak video – as i’ve been ironing in my bra and knickers !

  4. Great Playlist and so needed for such a tedious chore as ironing. Go you keep up the dancing xx

  5. Not a dancer myself, but I do walk a lot (I don’t drive but we have a dog!!). Sounds like a fun way to get those extra steps in! #BlogCrush

  6. Love the idea of dancing through life #thesatsesh

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Millie ! did you try it yet? Just created a new ironing playlist thanks to Lucy at Home

  7. OMG reading your blog I felt a bit like I was there in your shoes. I am the same in so many ways and you really made me laugh. I must try it out ! #lgrtstumble

  8. #thesatsesh love a playlist , ironing is not something i understand the language of BUT I do appreciate it on holiday, for what its worth.
    Also, isn’t it interesting that we often move less than we think we do?

    1. Berni Benton says:

      sorry Lucy – been away playing grandma! Anyway my latest blog is now dedicated to you and there is a playlist called “Ironing – Lucys List”… going live about now 😉 xxx

  9. I love the video of you dancing (yes I was singing along!) and what a great playlist YouTube came up with for you! I don’t have a fitbit but I have a pedometer on my phone and, like you, I was so disappointed when I realised I was nowhere near the 10,000 holy grail target (even though I think I’m pretty active too!). I think I might need to implement your strategy. My song proposal is “We Love To Boogie” by T-Rex! #blogcrush

  10. Some great music to dance to, if you enjoy it it is the best way to stay motivated and sticking to keeping fit X #thesatsesh

  11. I love my fitbit! It really does help motivate you. Dance on! #lgrtstumble

  12. For awhile I was really into the Fitbit and reached my goal often but the band itself kept giving me rashes around my wrists and eventually, it died on me and not even the charger would charge it. I tried to exchange it but I guess you can’t like a phone. You can’t upgrade it or trade it in and I just don’t see the point in wasting $100+ for one if I can’t turn in the old one. They are too expensive for my interests. Though maybe in the future when they make better bands that don’t give me rashes because I did like meeting my challenges every day. #BloggerClubUK

    1. Berni Benton says:

      what a shame they wouldn’t repair/replace it . Was it under warranty? I think the price for a ‘good’ one is a bit steep. mine was only £19. but like i said I need another person to put it on. I don’t get a rash but the strap does get sweaty and smelly so needs washing regularly – like every day when i wash my hands/wrists. Not sure i’ll be upgrading anytime soon the options available are mind blowing. but it has made me more aware of how much/little i do

  13. I love the idea of dancing your way to your step target! Not so sure about the ironing bit though. #thesatsesh

  14. Berni Benton says:

    i’ve dance whilst watering the garden, cooking supper and cleaning the bathroom too!!!!
    Really adds to the daily step count, 10,000 is A LOT

  15. This is a brilliant idea! I’ve got a watch thingy that counts steps and activity. I hadn’t thought about dancing to increase everything. I’ll have to give it a go. Yesterday I squeezed in extra steps by skipping round the garden. I cringe to think what the neighbours thought! #blogcrush xx

    1. Berni Benton says:

      i’ve dance whilst watering the garden, cooking supper and cleaning the bathroom too!!!!
      Really adds to the daily step count, 10,000 is A LOT

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