Berni B: The Alternative Celebrant : What are my core values?

me , Berni B, The alternative celebrantI’m Berni B, The Alternative Celebrant.  I am here to help you punctuate your life story because I believe every chapter change in the novel of our lives is worth a celebration.

I help people celebrate, commemorate and remember in their own unique and ordinarily extraordinary way.  Helping create and then deliver services that truly reflect them, encouraging them to be true to themselves and those they are celebrating.   I advocate forgetting about what is ‘expected’ and doing it exactly how you want. I specialise in intimate, honest, heartfelt events: elopements, vow renewals, joining ceremonies, namings, funerals, memorials,  remembrances…

…and any other unique personal reasons to punctuate your story….

I Believe : You are All EXTRAORDINARY  and THERE ARE NO RULES as to how, when or what you celebrate

Celebrations of Love and Unity

Wedding, Joining, Love and Unity Ceremonies

 magical may wonderland wedding unity ceremony
Photo Credit :Bobbie Lee Photography
love and unity
photo credit Bobbie Lee Photography

As an independent and alternative celebrant, I would love to be your wedding celebrant.  I’d love to help you celebrate your love and commitment to each other at your chosen location within Wales, Hereford  or Essex.

Whether its in your garden, a field, up a mountain, in a barn, treehouse, or country villa… as long as you don’t want me to skydive (!), I’ll be there by your side helping you create your perfect, romantic, funny, heartfelt ceremony and vows.

I love to help people celebrate in a way that truly reflects their personality.  Whether you are part of a couple or thruple; whether you are part of the LGBTQI community: or whether you just want to explore a different way of celebrating your union, then I’m here for you; thinking outside the box and cheering along every quirky idea you might like to incorporate in your celebration.


Packages: Elopement, micro wedding and vow renewal


elopement microwedding vow renewal -romantic couple accomodation
Photo by Bobbie Lee, grazing box by Caffi Sosban

An ideal way to share your love with the most select and precious people in your life.

More and more people are seeking a more intimate and personal way of sharing their love and commitment to each other.  A “micro -wedding” is easier to manage and perfect for the budget conscious.

Here at Cerdyn Villa, we offer fully inclusive pick & mix packages for elopements, vow renewals and micro-weddings, with a venue that can accommodate up to 15 plus a couple of tents in the garden

Fully inclusive packages include 2 nights accommodation in The Cwtch Hwtch for you both.

There are no rules to follow; there is no set structure to consider; no dress code formality to adhere to: no institutions to conform to.  The  event is for you, about you and will encompass only words and activities that reflect you.  Together we can create your perfect few days.

TEPEE stained glass dragon in front of tepee THe Cwtch Hwtch, elopement venue glamping


Funerals, Memorials, Life Celebrations 

Cremation and Burial Services 

Being an independent celebrant, I can help you find the words, and create a moment that will capture your loved one and help you hold them in your hearts forever.  Creating a service that truly reflects you and the person whose life we are remembering.


memorial celebration. Scattering Ashes. Tree planting ceremonyDirect Cremation with a Life Celebration at a Wake

A direct cremation is one that takes place without any mourners at the crematorium.  Instead you have a life celebration (or wake) elsewhere) either at the same time or on another day entirely giving you more time to say your goodbyes and share your memories

memorial, life celebration. Floating Flowers down the river in memory of a special personMemorials and Life Celebrations

Maybe you feel it is time to revisit the loss of a loved one. Maybe at the funeral 12 months, 5 yrs, 10 yrs ago, you wish you’d said something different or celebrated their impact on your life in a different way. Or you may just wish to remember and celebrate their life again.  Memorials and Remembrance Services, , the way you want them.



Pet Funerals: Memorials for a lost 4 legged companion

People often don’t realise the strength of emotion and the grief that can come from losing a cherished pet.  If you’ve lost your dearest dog, cat, horse (or any animal) friend, then the feelings can be as strong as those of losing a human. Time to reflect is important.  Your dog, cat, horse or whatever animal friend, was certainly more than a pet, they were part of your family.  FIND OUT MORE


Alternative Celebrations :New Chapters

celebrate lifeRelationship Status Update!

Maybe you’ve just come out as lesbian, gay, trans, non-binary, pan-sexual. Perhaps you are burying your ‘dead name’ and adopting a new and truer identity. Perhaps you’ve just got divorced. Have you joined together two families?  Maybe you have adopted. Whatever your Relationship Status Update, you may think its worth celebrating. It’s certainly one of lives chapter changes. 

A New Direction, A Fresh Start

 Have you’ve found and embraced a new way of living? Had a big career change? Gone back to school as a mature student? Are you moving abroad? Maybe you’ve recovered from a life changing illness? These events are monumental punctuation marks in our life.

Take a moment.

Sometimes you will realise that these moments deserves more. Those are the occasions I can help you with. Make them an event. Punctuate your alternative life. Celebrate that New Direction and Fresh Start.

There are no rules, dare to be different, mark it with a celebration.


“Berni is compassionate and passionate, she’s quirky and totally real. I would not hesitate to recommend Berni to anyone who wants to mark a special moment in their lives in a way that will be one-of-a-kind.” – Dinah Liversidge – Coach, Mentor, Writer, Speaker – No Box Thinker

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