💖All Inclusive Packages  : To celebrate love , commitment and your enduring story:  THE NON-WEDDING

happy couple at The Cwtch Hwtch

I am the Non-Wedding Celebrant! And  here at Cerdyn Villa, we offer fully inclusive pick & mix packages to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.  We’re here to talk  THE NON-WEDDING!

I love a non-wedding! Personally I’ve been with the man I love (and refer to as Hubby) for 27 years and still counting.  Our commitment, love and mutual support for each other is evident and we feel no need to get ‘married’  However we do LOVE to CELEBRATE  our love and unity.  At 25 years we had a 25 YEARS OF HAPPILY UNMARRIED BLISS celebration.

So forget about the legalese, (unless you want that bit), and let’s get on with celebrating your love, enduring commitment to each other, and the journey you have shared.

My venue that can accommodate up to 15 plus a couple of tents in the garden.

Fully inclusive packages include 2 nights accommodation in The Cwtch Hwtch for you both.

With me as your non-wedding celebrant, there are no rules to follow; there is no set structure to consider; no dress code formality to adhere to: no institutions to conform to.  The  event is for you, about you and will encompass only words and activities that reflect you.  Together we can create your perfect few days.

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💖A Celebration of Love and Commitment:

The Non-Wedding & Celebrations of Love, Unity and Longevity

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photo credit: Ann Seymour

I love a good love story.  I revel in the “how you mets” and personal traditions you share; I’m intrigued by the obstacles you have overcome and all the how’s , where’s and why’s of your lives together.  Listening and hearing you express your love and achievements is a privilege and a joy.  Sharing in your journey and ever evolving love story  is so exciting; because I become part of your great adventure! 

So if you want to celebrate and bookmark a moment in your love story I’m all up for offering ideas and bespoke activities to make your personal, unique and extraordinary celebration of love and commitment a milestone marker on your wonderous journey into your next great adventure.
So lets do this, why not have this celebration:
I’ve loved you since the day we met. 
I love you more each and every day 
I love you in new and more interesting ways
Every challenge and journey we share
I love you til the end of time
You will always be mine…
…but I still don’t want to marry you!

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Lady Lily Pink & Ffloyd outside Cerdyn Villa
me & my trusty steed. Photo credit: Ann Seymour Photography

I’m a Monster Raving Loony Party member, Lady Lily the Pink, with a bright pink 1960s classic car and an overwhelming desire to enable people to embrace their unique extraordinary self and create a no rules no expectations ceremony that truly reflects their authentic selves.

So of course, we can include rings, handfastings, bridesmaids and best men and any tradition you want.  And of course you can go and do the legalese before or after a bespoke ceremony with me.  All I’m saying is there’s more to love than the wedding!!  Let’s celebrate the journey!

💖New Chapters; Alternative Celebrations 


I believe that every person is extraordinary, that every chapter change in the novel of our lives is worth a celebration. Everybody is unique; and, as The Non-Wedding Celebrant, I aim to help people celebrate, commemorate and remember in their own unique and ordinarily extraordinary way.  Helping to create and then deliver services that truly reflect them, encouraging them to be true to themselves and those they are celebrating.   I advocate forgetting about what is ‘expected’ and doing it exactly how you want. I specialise in intimate, honest, heartfelt events:  and there are plenty of unique personal reasons to punctuate your story with a celebration.

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“Berni is compassionate and passionate, she’s quirky and totally real. I would not hesitate to recommend Berni to anyone who wants to mark a special moment in their lives in a way that will be one-of-a-kind.” – Dinah Liversidge – Coach, Mentor, Writer, Speaker – No Box Thinker


Berni B: The Alternative Celebrant : What are my core values?

💖 Authenticity & Sincerity 💖 Compassion & Empathy 💖 Advocacy & Support 💖 Creativity & Flexibility 💖 Love & Passion

I’m Berni B, an Authentically Alternative Celebrant, Artist & Venue hostess: I create, ‘no rules’ celebrations & commemorations of life. Telling your stories in your own unique way.   In the belief that every individual is ordinarily extraordinary and all of life’s chapters are worth bookmarking.

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