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I’m Berni B (she/her), an authentically alternative Full-life Celebrant, End-of-life Planner & Doula.

Berni b celebrant doula death plannerI write & create, ‘no rules’ celebrations & commemorations of life. Helping you to share, & others to know, your stories in sincere & authentic ways.


What are my core values?

💖 Authenticity & Sincerity 💖 Compassion & Empathy 💖 Advocacy & Inclusivity 💖 Creativity & Flexibility 💖 Love & Acceptance

better togetherI love my home in Mid Wales, love my partner, John (we have been together 30 years), love my children and grandchildren.  I’m a cat mama and I love gardening and being creative.  I’m a sucker for any offer of a brunch meetup with friends.  My aim is to live my most true and authentic life and love to help empower others to be true to themselves and see their full worth.  I believe that every individual is ordinarily extraordinary and all of life’s chapters are worth bookmarking.

“I offer you all my  originality, empathy, compassion & truth, when I work with you in whichever capacity.”

You can find the right service for you below:


💖Gratitude Celebrations:  Survival, Friendship, Longevity, Acceptance

💖Becoming your True Authentic Self: Coming Out, Burying a Dead Name, Rebirth

💖Other Chapter Ends and New Beginnings: Divorce, Adoption, Naming,  Emigration, Retirement – and any other reason you can think is a life changing moment 

💖Celebrations of love: Vow Renewals,  Non-traditional Weddings, Elopements,  Micro Weddings, Commitments, Civil Partnerships, Throuple Ceremonies  


💖End of Life Celebrant: Celebrations of life, funerals, burials, cremations, natural burials, scattering of ashes, memorials,

💖Meeting families and supporting them in finding the right way and the right words to tell their story authentically and respectfully

💖End-of-Life Doula (companion in death) supporting the dying and their families as a non-medical carer of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs as end of life approaches

💖Death Planning Services : helping people create death wish plans, quality of life statements and facilitating family discussions