25 Day Reset

#25DAyReset – Days 7 & 8

#25DayReset Day 7 & 8

Day 7 was a defining moment.  It has focused my mind, given me hope , even assurance that my ultimate goal is not only achievable, but realistic and will truly revolutionise my life!

My Hero

Andy Parkes.  What can I say? There are certain people you meet at certain junctures in your life that help define you.  Some people come into your life at key moments and they ‘save’ you.  That may sound over the top, but I can assure you.  An hour of babbling, waffling and faffing as Andy patiently listened on, nodding occasionally and chipping in with the occasional ‘exactly’, ‘ you’re not stupid ‘ , ‘lots of people feel like that’; and he just got it.  What my problem is, where I’m trying to get to… and he knows the solution and not only that, but this amazing person, is prepared to guide me through the quagmire to get me there.

He says I just need patience; “lets do it over a 12 month period”.

I think he’s the one who will need the patience.  He has to deal with ME!!!

I can do this!

So Goal 2 is viable, What is needed has been identified, and now there is a plan in place, I can start the ball rolling… add flesh to the skeleton

After our 2.5hr video call, I feel I have also made a new friend.  I came off the call elated.  (Andy probably went for a lie down in a darkened room!)

Whilst I did make notes that made sense at the time, I am already confused (I think my ‘unwellness’, is fogging my brain). However, a quick text to the ever patient, Andy, and I am back in focus – mainly because he’s doing step 1 so I can catch up with myself (honestly, I could cry at his generosity).

Pay it Forward

Afterwards I went to visit a neighbour / friend who I help and I was raving, energised, inspired and so very animated. I told her I had met THE MOST AMAZING MAN and my life would never be the same again 😉  ( I told my husband too, so its all out in the open (hahaha) ).

This is how life should be, I am paying it forward.  I am investing my time and skills in her and her move to her next life chapter.  She doesn’t use tech at all and is moving house, so I photographed all her ‘stuff’ and over the course of the next few weeks will get it sold for her..

And today, Day 8.  I am putting some of it into action.  I’m looking at my Microsoft package and having a play with the To Do List function (in between prepping the B&B for the next guests and getting the food shopping done.  Work/Activities/Rest… defining which is which, aiming for #8forme, learning and being inspired by Abigail Barnes and Dinah Liversidge; and taking guidance from my new #25dayrest network).

Plus today I had a zoom with another hero,  Dinah Liversidge.  My good friend, mentor and Celebrant Trainer.

So today has been a very good day.

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