25 Day Reset

#25dayreset – Day 2

Ok, it’s already weird.  I wrote the day 1 blog on day 2 so to get back in synch with the program I’m now writing Day 2 as well and will have it ready to post at 8pm.  8pm every day will be my time.  8pmish…

So how did Day 2 go?

  1. I caught up with day 1 😉
  2. I looked at Abigails website (only quickly) and checked out in particular 888 – half of my ‘activities’ I had been viewing as ‘rest’ the other half I had as ‘work’.  In my mind I had NO activities.  so I’m collating a list!
  3. I’ve accepted that I need to change, I’m prepared to give up what I perceive(d) as free spiritedness and add some structure.  My ‘free spiritedness’ was just making me feel inadequate and unfocused.  I can be really free spirited when I have a better grasp on my time and how I fill it.  REVELATIONS ARE HAPPENING!!!
  4. I had an abortive attempt at time blocking. That’s not quite fair to myself; I had a first attempt at getting my head around time blocking.  It will take a few goes.
  5. Biggy… I  woke up, got up, showered , moisterised, got dressed and THEN sat at my computer! i even put a protein pack on my hair!  Goal 1 in practice right there!

Until tomorrow…

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