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Real Weddings: Kerry & David – 25 years and we still do (part 2)

kerry David and their boys

Here is an opportunity to show you a bit more from Kerry and David’s this lovely intimate, vow renewal ceremony at the Squirrel’s Nest Treehouse Retreat, through the professional photos taken by Pix by Vix

kerry and mumIf there was ever a family with greater smiles than these I’d love to see them.  Honestly, Kerry’s smile lit up the space.   I was captured by it the first time we spoke on a video chat last year.  Her love, pride and the sheer joy of renewing her wedding vows with David, with their two grown boys as their witnesses, just oozed from her entire being.

kerry and davidKerry and David are a fabulous couple, they have a relaxed symbiotic connection, playing off each other, feeding each other lines, complimenting each others movements, both bursting with love and pride as they recollected their life to date, immersed themselves in precious memories and celebrated their achievements and family, before making promises as they looked forward with excitement and expectation to the future ahead of them.

familyIt was a gorgeous afternoon at The Squirrels Nest Treehouse Retreat; relaxed, intimate, romantic, fun.  I shared some of my snapshots of their Silver Wedding Anniversary vow renewal celebration, last week and talked about the whole fabulous experience.

loved upSince then I have seen the evidence as captured by the talented and all round gorgeous Vix Davies (Pix by Vix, wedding and empowerment photographer). It was a pleasure to introduce her to my lovely couple and an absolute delight to work alongside her again

ceremonyHere’s a few of my favourite photos by her from Kerry and David’s day.  I initially whittled it down to my favourite seventy-two!!!  Here’s a dozen or so.

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