Reasons to visit Wales and Cerdyn Villa

Did You know….Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and its link Wales?

Here’s a little known quirky story about our amazing home in the Heart of Wales:-

the Good Earth, Manfred Mann, Earth Band, album, 1974, music, recordIn 1974 Manfred Mann released an album titled “The Good Earth”.

Those who purchased the album were entitled to rights over one square foot of the earth situated at Llanerchyrfa, in the Abergwesyn Valley, Brecknockshire, Wales. That’s just up the road from our home, Cerdyn Villa, here in Llanwrtyd Wells.

On the inner sleeve of the album was a registration coupon. If you returned it before 31st December 1975 you became the proud owner of one square foot of the 10 acre plot the band owned. This was part of the promotion activities linked to the album to ensure this piece of land was not taken over by forestry and instead remained unchanged. It was an ecological aspiration…..

…and here it is today, the plateau in this photo…

the plateau owned by fans
the plateau owned by fans

How do I know all this? Well I bumped into a BBC Wales reporter, who then got in touch with a chap called Gordon Green MBE (look him up) and my hubby, and the three of them went off today in search of the Good Earth Project and found it!

So, now you know.  Maybe you own the album? Or even one of those square feet? If you do, why don’t you make the pilgrimage here to visit it…

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