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Real Weddings: Kerry & David – 25 years and we still do

ceremonyKerry and David wanted a relaxed  few days with their sons, Sam & Charlie, daughter-in-law, Laura and new, 9 week old, grand-daughter, Harper to declare their ongoing and undying love to each other.

happy coupleSmall, intimate, relaxed and very romantic.  They exchanged vows at the stunning Squirrels Nest Treetop Retreat on the stargazing/BBQ deck. Just the six of them, me and my photographer friend, and fellow pink lover, Vix Davies

There is nothing more lovely than making declarations of love and gratitude in front of your grown children.  And taking a moment to reflect on everything you have achieved; how proud you are of your kids and yourselves; and how excited you are looking into the future.

Sam was his dad’s Best Man and waited with dad, the Charlie, gave his mum away.  Laura was Maid of Honour with Harper as Bridesmaid

hand tyingWe created a ritual hand tying using 6 ribbons. I laid one each to represent Kerry and David, then there was a ribbon for each of the others, which they came up and placed over Kerry and David’s joined hands, before giving them a hug and a kiss.  The couple exchanged their original wedding rings, having had them ‘warmed’ by their sons, and David also gave Kerry an eternity ring

Sam, Charlie & Harper
My fave snap shot

Then we finished the ceremony with a symbolic certificate witnessed by the boys.  Followed by much laughter, champagne and more professional photos.  Before I headed off, leaving them to have a lovely family evening.  Vix even managed to bag a ride in Ffloyd.

Vix Davies

me and Harper
of course I had to have a cwtch

I cannot wait to do a follow up and show off some of the professional pics.  Having had a shoot with Vix myself, I just know they’re going to be awesome




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