25 Day Reset

#25dayreset – Day 3

Day 3

Already a slip up BUT, i forgive myself because its Sauturday and I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  Spent longer in bed then intended this morning BUT decided to use that time to return calls from all the ‘oldies’ whose calls I’d not answered because I was ‘in the middle of something’ every time they rang during the week.  I feel better for speaking to my parents and doing it at a time where I wasn’t trying to rush to get them off the phone or being distracted because I was doing something on the computer whilst chatting to them.  They deserve my full attention when we speak, especially as they’ve been locked down in Essex for 17 weeks and we’re happily busying ourselves here in rural Mid Wales.

However, I did get up shower and put on day clothes before having breakfast and sitting at the computer.  Two hours of admin but distracted again by weird parcels via Amazon Prime addressed to me.  I definitely have not ordered them, paid of them or even used Amazon…I don’t use Amazon, they don’t pay UK tax…  Its a weird scam that seems to be hitting their pocket not ours but its still unsettling that Chinese companies are using my details, I wonder if the reviews they’re after are coming via my old Amazon account and if so, why they actually have to physically send me the stuff if they can hack my account to add a fake review, its called Brushing btw… wish they’d send me some useful shit!

Anyway, I digress..which has pretty much been the pattern for today BECAUSE I DID NOT



Thats not to say I didn’t do stuff, I did, BUT it involved a lot of faffing, back tracking, procrastinating and guilt.

What have I learned?

WEll, even if its not officially a ‘Work’ day I still need to get Goal 2 sorted.  It would make my days more satisfactory, I’d finish them with a sense of acheivement and I’d know where I was.

It should have read:

8-9 Weekend lazy start

9-9:30 Be Kind to Me

9:30 – 12 Admin – website / research

12 – 1;30 Me time with friends

1:30 – 4:30 Housework for BnB

4:30 – 5:30 Design time for commission

5:30  Stop relax, cook, eat, netflix and chill – its the weekend!!!

7:30 – EEk !  accountability blog

8pm Phew – nick of time!!!!!



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