25 Day Reset, Mental Health & Wellbeing

#25DAYRESET- half way there…Goal 1 update..

Wow, I cannot believe  I am already half way through a #25dayreset program. What a journey so far.

Today and yesterday were such good days. The Spa reopened and I’ve restarted my morning swims.

Now seems like a good time to ‘open up’ and share a bit more of myself

Goal 1: Be Kind To Me

I’ve spent 52 years trying to learn the secret to this. Skin problems, mental health struggles, social pressures; have at times pushed me onto the wrong paths. As women ( and, these days men) we are sold the idea that we are not good enough. I mean why would we spend/waste so much on diets, skin products, fad treatments, makeup, fashion, hair products etc etc… if we were happy in our own skin. As I’ve got older (and maybe slightly wiser),  it makes me so angry that we are constant being played, to feel inadequate. I wrote about  body shaming earlier last year.

At the beginning of 2018 I decided to Be Kind To Me and give up alcohol for 3 months… a detox if you will. I felt so good I carried on . I wasn’t ‘not drinking’, I just rarely fancied it. Two years.

At the beginning of 2020 I decided I would Be Kind To Me and treated myself to 12 month membership of The Lake Country Spa, in the next village. Daily access to a pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna. I began going 4/5 times a week and I was feeling great.

Then came lockdown. Gym activities stopped. Drinking in the hot weather after gardening began. My physical wellbeing was on the decline.

Then I realised my mental wellbeing was having a tough time too. I realised I was beginning to experience more anxiety, less tolerance, rages etc . My skin was deteriorating too.

Can i suggest you follow this link, because .

Then something amazing happened.   

And a negative became a positive.

.. not so much the  through taking the photos but writing the honest story that accompanies it.

… and not just because I did it, but the positive impact it has had on the 23 other ‘models’ who took part

… and because of the money being raised for Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation

…AND.. the awareness doing this is providing awareness of the mental health issues it supports.

This is the kindest I have ever been to myself...

…and with the #25dayreset program I am to remind myself daily that I am worth it x



We are raising money for The BDD Foundation – The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation – 24 amazing friends have ‘modelled’ and shared their story. PLEASE:-

1. Share this post – raising awareness is a great way to help even if you can’t afford to donate or don’t want a calendar Everyone involved has been so brave…
2. Make a donation – if you don’t want a calendar but would like to show your support – donate via Go Fund Me
3. Order a calendar – The calendars are £10 plus postage. They cost approx £3 to print so £7 of your £10 gets to BDD. Message me

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