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Wedding Law Reform

Wedding Law Reform: Giving Couples Choice

In November 2021, in support of the Law Commission’s provisional proposals for wedding law reform, the Association of Independent Celebrants published a white paper which makes the case for licensing independent wedding celebrants.   (I wrote about it here )

As an Independent Celebrant, I was delighted to be part of this review as, at present, whilst couples can have their perfect, unique, authentic, all inclusive wedding day led by a celebrant anywhere they want; they would still have to do the legal paperwork at the Registry Office first (or later).

The law commissioner, Nick Hopkins said ““A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important events in their lives. Our project aims to bring the 19th century law up to date and make it more flexible, giving couples greater choice so they can marry in a way that is meaningful to them.”

We are hoping that the reform, by moving from a ‘building-based system’ to an ‘officiant-based system’ will enable all Celebrants (who receive the training) to complete the legal documentation too.  Thus, enabling couples of mixed faiths, multi faith and no faith to get married how and where they want.

ask a celebrant podcastIt’s about inclusivity. And we talk about it in Episode 7 (out on 28th July 2022) of Ask A Celebrant

The White Paper (proposals from the Law Commission) were released on 19th July.  It is now up to MPs to review them and make recommendations.  The Give Couples Choice Movement and Independent Celebrants throughout England and Wales are keen to ensure that our local MPs know the differences between the different types of Celebrants and ensure that all are included in the review prior to approval of the paper and enacting into law.

If you have enjoyed or are soon to enjoy a mixed faith/ alternative/spiritual/ or no faith wedding, led by an independent celebrant I’d would love to hear from you but so would the Association of Independent Celebrants who are looking to share your stories with  MPs to ensure they appreciate the value of full choice for all couples.


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