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Natural Burial Grounds

me greating guests at Hay Meadow burial ground open dayNatural burials and natural burial grounds are becoming more and more popular.  Not least because of their eco friendly nature compared with traditional burials and cremations. The first natural burial ground opened in the UK in 1993.  since then there are many more and you are very likely to have at least one near you.

hay Meadow Burial Ground, RadnorshireI work closely with my local natural burial ground, Hay Meadow.  Its a wonderful place, in a remote valley in the Radnorshire Hills, totally unspoilt, so serene, very relaxing, meditative, calming and very peaceful.  It, like most natural grounds, offers a wonderfully reflective, calming space for loved ones.  Here are some photos from the resent open day held at Hay Meadow by its owners Sarah and Richard Vale.

You can be buried in the meadow, the silver birch glade or the woodland.

View at Hay Meadow6 useful tips when considering a natural burial

  • Always check that the Natural Burial Ground you choose is a member of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds as they will follow their Code of Conduct
  • Visit the site beforehand.  Have a walk around and don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Look at how the plots are laid out.  Some offer meadows others woodlands.  Many have a mix.  What location feels right for you?
  • How much is it going to cost?  How and when do you need to pay for it?
  • My husband sitting contemplating iin the Silver Birch Glade at Hay MeadowWhat type of coffin or shroud do you want?  Remember it will have to be made from a sustainable material if you want a natural burial. Wood.  Cardboard. Wicker.  Woollen Shroud.
  • Do you want a grave marker? some grounds will not  allow them, others will have restrictions.  Talk to them
  • When are they open?  In many cases your loved ones can go to the grounds at any time.  Check out what restrictions there are.

Follow this link for more ideas about eco burials

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