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Campaigning for Choice and the Legalisation of Celebrant-led Weddings

Campaigning for Choice: Legalising Celebrant-led Weddings

It is surprising how little society still knows about celebrants and what they do.   As the Law Commission continues with its review of Wedding Legislation in the UK, it’s important that those affecting the changes know all the facts and differences.

Firstly that celebrants exist; secondly, what they offer; and thirdly, perhaps most importantly, the difference between us and Humanist Celebrants.

That’s why we in the Celebrant industry are campaigning for choice and the legalisation of celebrant-led weddings.

Without this knowledge we are in danger of being excluded from the reforms, meaning that couples choice will remain heavily limited.

Did you know?

There are currently around 10000 celebrant led weddings each year?

That the number of qualified celebrants in the UK is growing rapidly. This means that couples are afforded more and more choice as to who marries them.  Also more choice as to how they celebrate their wedding.  More choice about what to include and exclude in a service.  And more flexibility in where they can get married?

HOWEVER : in England and Wales a Celebrant can still NOT perform the legal bit of your wedding. This is not the case in Scotland or some other countries around the world.

What are we doing about it?

The Industry is working very hard to ensure that this changes.  As a member of both the Celebrant Directory and The Association of Independent Celebrants, I can tell you that the trade bodies and professional support groups are working hard behind the scenes to ensure Celebrants are considered by The Law Commission in their review of Wedding Legislation in England and Wales

It is surprising how little society still knows about celebrants and what they do.  There is also a huge misconception over the difference between A Humanist Celebrant and an Independent Celebrant.  Because of this, there is a real danger that Humanists (atheist celebrants who include NO RELIGION) will be included in the revision and Independent Celebrants (who offer far more variety, flexibility, inclusion of all, or any spiritual or religious content) will not!

Its largely an awareness and understanding issue.

What can you do?

Find out more by following the link:

Legalising Celebrant Weddings: How to campaign for change – Association of Independent Celebrants



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