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Perhaps a religious person would say this was the work of the devil… but these innocent millions should have been protected by their God.

One comment on a previous Atheist blog post of mine answered the question of rape, pedophilia, famine and other horrors against humans (both with and without faith) with this comment :-

“I cope with the suffering in the world because in my reality, with a loving and just God, justice is always served in this world and the next. Your world without God is unjust. Simple as that.”

Such comments that wash over mass human suffering make me sick…  just NO.

I cannot articulate the strength  of feeling I have about this.

Lest We Forget


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  1. Tolerance and free will has been given to all mankind from God. What we do with it is up to
    each of us, evil or humanitarian. It’s mind boggling, sickening and horrific that one person can influence so much death. There are examples of this evil all over the world happening now and all through the ages. Struggling with the behavior of humanity is the hardest part but that doesn’t imply we give up on God. I dove into the dark depths of the sex trade slavery in hopes to help the young girls who had no hope, and dying. For each one saved or spared there is a miracle. Evil men are running this evil business, not God. Our hope is in a Big God, way larger than any misery imaginable. Everyone has feelings like these,
    I think it’s normal to seek out answers in a way we understand.
    All the best

  2. The view offered provided reason for fairness: that a loving God always makes everything fair, by his nature.

    In your unfair world, where is the justice for rape, torture, pedophilia, natural disasters??

    No where, that’s where.

    You are sickened by a godless reality, and so am I. If I were you, I’d be hopeless. Are you?

  3. It was the work of men, exercising their own selfish interests using their power over others. Why should the millions of innocents that were killed be protected by their god? Should a god make the world fair? Please explain how that world would work. I would suggest that the world you want is illogical. Without freedom there is no love, without love, there is no freedom.

    With no choice to do bad things, no one can do good things.

    We feel empathy at the suffering of others. We should do everything we can about that suffering to remove it.

    That comment in no way washes over human suffering. It gives reason to pressure justice.

    Without God, you have no complaint against the atrocity because it’s simply a different societal view from your own. The morals that produced it come from a populations own ideas of justice. There is for you no moral standard. Just natural species development, wherever that may lead. In this case, the German people decided that killing, starving, torturing the Jewish people was perfectly moral, in their view. The universal standards the God entails they rejected, as do you.

    I would suggest that you align yourself with the atrocity and have no reason to oppose it, whereas a person who believes in God firmly condemns the immorality of the action, based upon the necessary moral attributes of a god.

    1. What strange reasoning you offer for a god. Do you believe in imaginary friends and fairies too! Religion is the root of evil. Without religion, you have to take responsibility for the fact that humans can do amazing and terrible things. There is and always has been a need for religion, so that weak and vulnerable, and lazy and careless people could claim “god told me” or “god will save me” or “god did it for a reason” sadly, because they don’t want to admit they messed up. It is very sad that, in this day, we have progressed so little since Stone Henge.

      1. agree wholehardedly with you. This whole thing about anything bad happening being human sin or man denouncing God, but if in a terrible natural desaster, man saves one victim, that is accredited to God , not man. I am an atheist through and through. One life, , humanity controlled, be good, be kind, treat others how you wish tyo be treated themselves.. Leave people to believe their own man made religious stories (yes man made) if it makes them happy/safe or wehatever but don’t suggest religion offers a moral compass – history proves again and again that this is not the case…. Even the Christian religion (which man made up some time mid roman era changing from poly-theism) sought to kill those who refused to convert and believe what the latest King/emperor/ Church told them was the correct thing to believe at the time…

      2. says:

        Did I reply to you Dinah and John? I don’t remember. Just for fun I will anyway. It’s always good to talk! 🙂

        Imaginary friends and fairies are incomparable to God. I’m sure you’re aware of the definitions of all of those. I find that people are the cause of most evil and not religion, although I would have no problem joining you in the condemnation of religion, statistics show that other causes other that religion are responsible for evil.

        How are you even voting evil anyway? Without God there is no moral absolute with which to judge. Only subjective morals, so any moral standard agreed upon by a group is law. So for instance, slavery and the Holocaust are quite moral sans God.

        Humans can do terrible things indeed. God demands honest and truth, because he is those things. Following him isn’t an easy cop out as you suggest, but precisely to take responsibility.

        It is sad that with centuries of accumulated wisdom is tossed out as irrelevant by people who are all but ignorant of the subject.

        I’d suggest you go educate yourself and do being so closed minded.

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