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A Furry Tale Ending

We all love it when a plan comes together. Which is difficult when you live life without one.  Actually it’s not difficult at all because you can claim that the outcome was the plan and hey presto ‘success!’  I swear by it. It makes for a very satisfying lifestyle and it doesn’t half make you feel good.

fab_1_hopfarm07_aAnyway, I digress.  Todays furry tale is about me and Ffloyd.  If you know me, you know Ffloyd . And if you know Ffloyd you know that she has matured nicely, having received her magenta facelift 3 years ago.  From her youthful baby doll pink to her current most stunning livery in the expert hands of Dr Crompton (Junior), that would be classic car restorer and oh-so-talented-middle-son, Graham.

ffloyd in her new liverySometimes though we may look fit on the outside but we are not really looking after our internals very well.  Poor Ffloyd.  Now 48 and having had a new roofliner 14 years ago by bodge-artist-Berni (yes, that would be me) , really needed a new head.  The problem with a compound curve is that to re

ffloyds new roof liner

cover it is, to use a technical term, ‘bloody difficult’ .  In a rush job to sort it before the National last year I figured it would work with tablecloth vinyl and acquired some gorgeous length of floweriness, removed the cream fleece but left the battered old original and made a failed attempt at gluing said floral display onto said ripped old original.  To a blind man, from a distance , it looked passable. Just.  To me, not so much.  It was embarrassing.

12909650_10153362477513204_709734594388397624_oMuch thought went into plan B.  So I acquire a long, wide length of pink fur.  Completely removed the original battered liner, took off the roof struts, did a fair bit of measuring, re-measuring, pinning, re-pinning and then bit the bullet.


I sought out a a good friend with a sewing machine and the wherewithal to use it.  Charmed said friend with the promise of coffee, cwtches and banter , and took the new roof to a central location with a plug socket and a coffee machine, for the stitching to occur (no photos of this phase 🙁  ) .  I can tell you it involved a lot of caffeine, much laugher, an audience and a 91-year-old ‘fan’ with a walking stick!!  Thanks to all involved in ‘Operation Pink Fluff’.

“All that was left”, eeekk, was to fit it…….

I think John and I will be coughing up pink fur balls for some time……..

In the meantime, who’s for a spin in Ffloyd? Time for a new adventure





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  1. Furry pink fabulousness!! Love it and look forward to a journey to enjoy close up soon xx

    1. You had better be careful,the damned EU might deem it a fire hazzard! DT.

      1. #VoteBrexit lol xxx

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