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The Political Hand Jive..

Who was the first spin doctor and the first politician to fall for that spin and decide to use THAT hand gesture?  You know the one, open armed , flat open hands and a gentle up and down movement to indicate ‘open and honest’.  Why is it only sales and marketing people who fall for their own spin?  Don’t they realise how staged and insincere it looks ?

I think Tony Blair started it.  He became a caricature of himself, slowing his voice, waving his hand and accentuating his speech with inappropriately placed pauses.

Honestly, they look like complete muppets.  Personally I instantly assume insincerity, the reading of a script and total lack of interest when I see it… which is ALL THE BLOODY TIME!!!

Perhaps I should make a video to demonstrate my point?  Go on persuade me …..

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