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Wales for Europe Hustings – B&R by-election …. Lady Lily Pink Reporting

And the BIG QUESTION for tonight… Where have all the Leavers gone?

So sad to not see any of the candidates representing a Leave the EU position being prepared to attend a Hustings organised by Wales For Europe.… I guess the clue’s in the name and their backbones weren’t up to it. I went along. I also voted Leave. Yay me!!!!This is what I had to say on the matter in my opening statement :

Thank you for inviting me along to this 3rd Hustings of the B&R by election . I’m saddened to see, or rather not see Des, Liz and Chris (the leave parties) here , I imagine they must be very busy with other election related business, what else could it be.

I normally comment from up here with a quote, clowns to the left of me jokers to the right, but it seems the clowns are all missing tonight and we’re stuck with the jokers, or is it the other way round?

Anyway, as I’ve now said twice before, I’m not a real politician. (I’m also not a real Lady – just to clarify as the question has been asked ). I am however a real loony. I’m here purely to represent the unrepresented. I’m here to be the ‘None of the Above ‘ option that isn’t, but should be present on the ballot papers.

So here we are Wales for Europe. I’ll take a wild stab that you are all remain voters.

And we’re sat here tonight with the only candidates in attendance being the remain candidates. I’m a little concerned it won’t leave much room for lively debate. But this is hustings and its not an anti brexit meeting so its possible that we will have lots of other topics to cover… or Jane and Tomos will… as I said, I’m not really a politician and I don’t intend to insult any of you by pretending to have knowledge of anything I don’t have knowledge on. Which is plenty by the way…. As is the case for all of us I imagine, its just that real politicians don’t like to say they don’t know. I’m happy to tell you I have no idea. I’m happy to rant if I have a passionate opinion. And I’m happy to try and make a witty response if theres a loony manifesto policy available to throw into the mix

I might even be tempted to play devils advocate , as the ‘devils’ are absent tonight….

It was a good hustings even with only myself, Jane Dodds (Libdem) and Tomos Davies (Labour). Thank you to Wales for Europe for organising and the Brecon Guild Hall for hosting, especially as it was a last minute rescue venue following heavy rain which caused flooding and electrical damage to the Bishop Bevan Hall (I hope there was not too much damage and the building will be back in use soon).Again its a shame no-one from any of the three leave parties felt able to free up some time to attend, it meant that Tomos had to brave all the flack from the floor. Meanwhile all the flack from the stage was directed at Jane, with Tomos having no other choice. (It would look like school yard bullying if either had picked on the poor defenceless Loony 😉 ).Alls fair in love and war, and outside the sparring rink we’re all just one big happy family…. honest guv.

All the clowns to the left were missing, just left with the jokers … photo credit :William Powell
With T-Rexit and Plaid–y-Saurus who were also hanging out in Brecon … We all headed to The Brecon Tap for a pint…. Just your regular Friday evening in Powys (Photo credit Tilly Twitcher)
RT Honourable Flora Bunda & Tilly Twitcher came along to offer a bit of Loony Support

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