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Celebrating Celebrants – World Celebrant Week Roundup

It’s the end of World Celebrant Week.  And what a week!  What an amazing community of Celebrants and what fun I’ve had ‘celebrating celebrants’ I know and admire.

At the beginning of World Celebrant Week  I introduced you to the concept of Celebrants and then, as promised, I ‘took my moment’ by sharing a  different post every day from a different awesome celebrant from the bottomless pool of awesome celebrants out there.  You will find all those posts and more over on my Facebook Page.  But, I am so good to you, because here is a summary and all 7 links to the 7 awesome and insightful blogs I selected, right here!

Seven Awesome Blogs; Celebrating Seven Awesome Celebrants

Claire Townsend Mays – Claire Townsend Independent Celebrant – What is a Celebrant and What Role Do they Play in a Funeral

Dinah Liversidge – The Grateful Celebrant – How to Choose Your Wedding Celebrant

Hazel Walsh – The Rainbow Celebrant – The Rise of the Wedding Sequel

Nichola Reeder – Rebel Heart Ceremonies – Why its OK to not know what to do

Sonal Dave – Sonal Dave Celebrant & Toastmaster – Why Celebrants are Perfect for Multicultural Weddings

Roselie Kuyvenhoven – Rituals Today – Mortality Day : Contemplate Death: Live Life

Fional Brown – Your Ceremony – Snow White and The Owl

To Summerise…

Ok. I know I’m not great at summerising.  So much to say.  So much choice.  But…

In my attempt to summerise.

  1. Celebrants are for Life, not just for weddings and funerals
  2. Celebrants come in all shapes and sizes.  Shop around. Talk to a few.  Find one you can relate to.
  3. Celebrants LOVE their job.  And because they love their job they will want your celebration to be perfect , so they will give you time, they will delve deep and you will probably come away with a new friend for life
  4. There is more choice and flexibility than you think.  Basically you can do almost anything you want to celebrate or commemorate moments in your life and those of your late loved ones – so don’t be afraid to say what  you want.  The right celebrant will not discourage you…they will egg you on, guide you through and make your service PERFECT

That just leaves me to say a Mahoosive HOORAY to all the celebrants out there.

And to make you a wish:

May you find your celebrant and may you always remember how extraordinary you all are and how worthy you are of celebrating your milestones

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