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Real Weddings: keeping it simple with Kaye and Dave

the very happy couple

keeping it simple. a real wedding with no fuss Real Weddings Keeping It simple with Kaye and Dave

Kaye and Dave wanted no fuss.  They had both been in relationships before.  They had had their fair share of trauma and ill fortune.  They wanted their day to be about them and for them.  They didn’t need the legal paperwork , they simply wanted the opportunity for her parents to see her happy and her daughter to know she was part of something very special and very real.

Hence my wonderful afternoon by the river in Elan Village with a picnic rug, a bottle of prosecco and some flowers picked from my garden.

real weddings - keeping it simple, relaxed and fuss freeIt was, in my opinion, total perfection.  The setting idyllic and meaningful to the couple.  The weather warm and sunny.  The crowds of tourists, absent.  The words were beautiful, sincere and inclusive of the perfect amount of  ‘inappropriate humour’ that added personality and an extra layer of authenticity  to the proceedings.



“Do you promise to be kind, trusting, tolerant and understanding, even if you think he’s being a bit of a twat?”

Rosie, getting just the right photo. How lovely to have the daughter as the photographer at this real wedding for Kaye & DaveIt was Dad, Brian’s 81st birthday.  Rosie, Kaye’s daughter was the ring bearer.  She also happens to be a budding professional photographer, she has a keen eye for setting up a photo and I can’t wait to do a follow up post with some of her shots in it.

Brian and Joyce, Kaye's parentsKaye’s parents Joyce and Brian were delightful and chatty, inviting me back to their holiday cottage for tea and cake afterwards.  Their friends Janet and Alan had been in their lives a long time.  Their holiday let was where the couple used to stay annually before retiring.  Alan brought his ‘proper’ camera.  Again I can’t wait to see his images.

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