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A Feature in Outrageous Bride Magazine

Its Outrageous!!! 

Actually it’s a feature in Outrageous Bride Magazine  about The Cwtch Hwtch venue and packages in issue No.6.  Use this discount code and bag yourself 20% off a copy:  OBFLYR20.

Celebrating everything LOVE in the most non-conformist, untraditional, uniquely personal and totally individually  authentic way.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE couples who want to make a big deal about their love in ways that are uniquely personal to them and their journey.

I LOVE couples who want to make a statement or declaration of their continued love and promised commitment to their partnership with all its quirks and foibles. In all its wonderous multicoloured glory.  Couples who are true to themselves.  Couples with SASS.  Couples comfortable in their own skin.  Couples who want to embrace their authentically alternative selves in the name of mutual love, respect, longevity and commitment.

The Authentically Alternative Non-Wedding 

I specialise in the NON WEDDING

💟It’s not about the legalese

💟It’s not about the £££

💟And it’s certainly not about the matching chair covers!

And that is why it was such a joy to work with Pixie Knowles and a team of “Romantic Bandits” who, like me, want to help authentic, romantic, quirky, self assured, couples make or renew their commitment to each other.

Styled Shoot

Our aim in this (1 of 4 styled shoots we did together), was to demonstrate what could be achieved on a budget, without following convention, whilst being eco-considerate and really putting the real yous on the line for only each other.

These shoots were about the ‘Yous’.  The couples who’s being together is an entwinement of souls; a blending of sands; a matter of survival even.

Tazmin & Sammy

photo by ann seymour showing 2 classic Imps and the happy couple as the celebrant looks onThis wonderful couple, as featured in Outrageous Bride Issue 6, are a real couple.  They have, quite literally saved each others lives … and continue to do so.  They embrace each others eccentricities, quirks and foibles.  They strengthen each others foundations and support each others growth, daily, hourly, weekly, by the minute, by the breath.

How they found each other is a miracle.  This may not be a real wedding (it was a staged photoshoot and they were ‘modelling’), however, it was, most definitely, a true commitment to love, development and personal growth for both of them.  And I for one, am delighted to have been part of that journey for them both.

As I said to them last week.  When they want to arrange a ‘real’ love and unity / new beginnings ceremony, they’d better ask me.  And, for my part, I will be doing it ‘for free’ as a thankyou for them doing this for me.

Bride and cat
Our cat, Emmett, helping calm Sammy’s nerves
Wedding Hair by Century Marks
Hair by Chris from Century Marks Salon, based in Builth Wells. Phot0s: Ann Seymour Photography

Real Life extraordinary couple Tazmin and Sammy:  Whilst Taz just loved being pampered and preened, Sammy was less comfortable in the spotlight, but Taz knew how good it would be for Sammy’s confidence.  And Sammy knew how much fun Taz would get from being centre stage.



My Team of Romantic Bandits:

Photographers :Ann Seymour Photography and Bobbie Lee Photography

Event Planner : The Plan-It Pixie (Pixie Knowles)

Event Stylist : Vintage Florrie  – eco conscious stylist (Cathy Cooke)

Make Up : Sarah Waters Aesthetics

Hair : Century Marks Salon (Chris)

Bridal Outfits : Scarlet Taylor Bespoke Alternative Couture (Zoe Axford-Whitaker)

Button Bouquet : Buttons Beads Bells & Bows (Sally Lilleilla)

Picnic / High Tea/ Grazing Boxes : Caffi Sosban Fach (Dave & Kate George)

Rings ; Bone Arrow (Clare)

Cars : restored by Crompton Coachwork (Graham Crompton) – Ffloyd belongs to me, Reg belongs to Graham

Venue: My Venue : The Cwtch Hwtch at Cerdyn Villa

Real Flowers: La-Di Dardy Flowers (Fran)




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