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Are we hypocrites ?…

Isn’t it interesting that it seems that those who most loudly deride, mock and attempt to discredit those who are trying in their own way to do ‘something’, are those who most openly denounce the issues or who are prepared to do nothing.

By ‘interesting’ I obviously mean anger-inducing, mind-numbingly infuriating and soul destroying .

It makes me so angry. It also makes me deflated and very depressed and hopeless.

Maybe we are all hypocrites? Except those obnoxious cunts, self centred nay-sayers.

Here I am ‘pretending’ to care about pollution and waste and trying to shop locally and avoid single use plastics, yet quite happily bleaching and dying my hair on a regular basis . Whilst there’s, say, Trump, openly saying ‘stuff the planet, coal and gas make us rich’

But why the need to ridicule and shame good intentions that do not necessarily add to personal comfort and wealth and may well require at least some form of compromise, rethinking or simply doing without by thos engaging in such practices? Is it those people feel threatened by the achievements and potential changes to their own livestyles people like, say, Greta Thunberg, may, ‘inflict’ . Or is it they feel ashamed by their own lack of action; or pressured into changing things they don’t want to? Or are they pissed off that their personal excesses that they love to laud are not embraced by those they wish to flaunt them to.

I mean if you are wealthy and can afford a gas guzzling monster car surely you want everyone to be a little jealous of your display of wealth and ownership. You certainly don’t want people pointing out the environmental impact of its building, shipping and usage. Likewise personal jets, holidays abroad etc etc etc.

Now, I can already see that these comments might be construed as jealousy of the assumed ‘have nots’ towards the ‘haves’ and I await with anticipation such responses.

But are those of us who try to make some changes, just hypocrites trying to appease our own consciences, or garner ourselves a bit of praise? Or are we just doing the best we can in the life and with the commitments we have? Maybe it’s bit of both.

I’ll give you some personal examples

1. I haven’t bought any new clothes (barring essential (?) i.e. undies) for over 12 months. I generally shop via eBay and sometimes charity shops. Yes I am horrified by the detrimental environmental impact of the clothing industry. BUT…., I hate shopping , I hate wearing the same as everyone else, I hate trying stuff on in shops that are too hot, looking at my body which is now fatter and older than the one I relate too, in the hideous lighting and mirrors of public changing rooms. ALSO…l love a bargain; PLUS.. I don’t have a lot of money.

So I can be sanctimonious about my decision (which it is now, I actively avoid buying new) from an ecological standpoint PLUS I’m not really giving something up.

2. I holiday near to home (mostly). I rarely take foreign holidays. On the odd occasion I do I vow never to do it again. I rarely go on holiday at all. Yes air travel has a huge carbon footprint. However, I hate the stress, faff and time spent getting to, waiting at and navigating airports. I hate the noise, the crowds, the hanging about, the almost inevitable delays. I always end up with bad ears, dehydrated skin and arriving home more tired, stressed and unwell than before I left. ALSO I love the UK as a holiday destination; I’m not a sunworshipper; and I prefer short breaks to long holidays. So I can spout my concern for the environmental impact of air travel, not do it, feel ‘good’ about taking a positive stance, whilst actually depriving myself of nothing at all.

3. Avoiding single use plastics….. I’ve had a very public rant with Tesco’s about putting my fruit and veg (especially those items that have their own biodegradable packaging (pineapples, melons, avocados, bananas etc) … I’ve got a couple of good blog posts out of it… So my eco-positive action has actually helped me out. But is not having plastic bags really any inconvenience? Surely avoiding them is something we can all agree is a good thing ? Anyway , there are two great veg markets locally each week. The products are fresher, last longer and are often cheaper. Plus, they get put straight into my own hessian bag . So I’m managing to put a little pressure on the corporate giants whilst supporting small local traders AND eating better. AND I get my eco good girl buzz out of it too 😘

These are just a few examples. There are many more, These eco/environmentally positive actions in my life afford me little or no inconvenience. But they are my attmpts to be less excessive and more sustainable. However, I often still drive when I could walk; wear makeup when I leave Llanwryd or am having my photo taken; bleach my hair; light a fire rather than putting on another jumper; buy meat in supermarkets more often than at the local butcher; and so on and so forth.

Does that make me a hypocrite? Possibly? Am I trying (a bit even if it’s not my best?)? Definitely.

Is there any point when met with the dogged derision of the self absorbed? Sometimes I wonder. Often, I despair. Mostly I try and think positively and will keep on ‘doing my bit’. Same as many of you out there no doubt x

Shank You Very Much

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  1. I guess we can all be a little hypocritical. I like you am on a mission to reduce waste and not use single use plastics, but I dye my hair ALOT! I think I would rather be a hypocrite and be doing something than nothing. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam

  2. I think as long as you are happy with the way you are living your life then that’s the most important thing. This day and age it’s so easy to judge anyone for anything!

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