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Celebrating Celebrants : World Celebrant Week

six celebrants from the welsh celebrant community

World Celebrant Week:  15th – 21st November 2021….  Yeah!  We have a week!!!!!

I love that these weird little things pop up all over the place.. .  Yesterday apparently was World Kindness Day.  Who knew?  I did, but only when it popped up on my content planner (yes I have one.   Yes I love it!)

I like that as a Nation or group of nations we have allocated specific days where as a nation can collectively ‘take a moment’.  Sometimes these events are new, some are not ‘official’ , some are just funny.   Whether they are historical, spiritual or newly created. ; when they pop up on my timeline, even the ‘silly ones’ can provide a ‘moment’.  Take, for example, my favourite, World Naked Gardening Day, which always makes me smile when it pops up on 1st May.  It always leads me to share a joke or a post with my green fingered friends. During 2020, it even lead to a whole movement that did some good for charity.  It sparked some action.  But that’s a different story – which you can follow over here !!!

Anyway.  This week is World Celebrant Week.

And I’m a Celebrant.

And since I became a celebrant I’ve got to know lots of other celebrants.

More importantly, I’ve got to know plenty of individuals,  couples and families  who have benefited from the services offered by a celebrant.

So today I just want to take a moment to celebrate the community, diversity, individuality and beneficial impact within the Celebrant world.

Murphy’s Law and the Pursuit of Happiness: a History of the Civil Celebrant Movement by Dally Messenger

I’ve been trying to find a paper copy of this book  (I’m an old fashioned girl and Kindle format just does not do it for me):

This book is a must read ( if you are into that type of thing) on the history of celebrancy.**

The civil celebrancy movement and profession began in Australia in 1973 under an initiative by Attorney-General Lionel Murphy. Initially it was created to fill a needs gap for couples getting married.  Driven by a recognition that the existing system was not providing dignity, choice or a spiritual experience for many.   Prior to the arrival of ‘The Celebrant’ the only options were  a religious or a civil ceremony, the latter simply covering the required legal formalities.

 ** please do not confuse this with Celibacy which is a completely different thing and not a subject I am qualified to write on 😉 

The Law Commission and Wedding Reform

Today we are still campaigning (here in Wales and England) to have Independent Celebrant led marriages hold the same legal status as they do in other countries, including Scotland.  At the moment couples still need to go elsewhere and complete the legal paperwork before (or after) having the perfect, all-inclusive, holistic and spiritually satisfying celebration of love and unity they want with a celebrant.  The Law Commission has been reviewing the wedding law of England and Wales thoroughly since 2019. The review was commissioned by the Government in order to look at the “red tape and outdated rules around weddings – making sure our laws are fit for modern life.”  See the current Law Commission recommendations on Wedding Reform in England and Wales

A Celebrant is For Life, Not Just for Weddings

Of Course, a celebrant is for life not just for Weddings ( 😉 ) , Once you find a celebrant who suits your style, personality and family you will probably choose to use them for all sorts of celebrations and commemorations.  Celebrants, as the word suggests, are here to help you celebrate.  And by celebrate, I mean CELEBRATE.  That’s all of life’s chapters.  Births, Marriages, and Deaths, and everything in between.  Your life is unique.  It’s impact on those around you is special.  Every change you make is important and many are worth marking.  So why not ‘take a moment’.  Why not ‘bookmark’ the occasion with a celebration or commemoration of the impact of that change to your life.

Hooray for Celebrants

I’m a Celebrant and I love my job.  I love speaking to individuals, couples and families; hearing their stories; listening to their memories

and then telling their tales on their behalf to and for those who matter to them.

And I’m not alone.  We’re all celebrants for that reason.  And we all do our job in our own unique way.  Which ensures that there’s a celebrant out there for everyone.  Who can reflect each persons story in a way that is right for them.

This week I’m going to share a different blog post every day, from a random selection of the fabulous community of celebrants I know.  I could do this every day for a year and not run out of great celebrants and stories, but a week it is.  Because it is World Celebrant Week.  And it is a Week in which I get to ‘take a moment’

six celebrants from the welsh celebrant community
a photo of a photo (!) taken by Liberty Booth at Wedding Fair at The Coal Exchange, Cardiff



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