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Memorials, Life Celebrations and Remembrance Services

memorial service - symbolic gestureWhy am I talking about memorials?  2020 was such a difficult year for so many people, for so many different reasons, largely linked to the global Covid pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions we all had to navigate.

One of the most harrowing and challenging situations was end of life care and bereavement.  Not being able to comfort and support a loved one in the last few months, weeks, days of their life.  And then not being able to arrange a proper farewell.

Coping with loss and grief

Loss and grief are hard enough.  As humans we begin to process loss by being supportive to our loved ones in their final hours.  Arranging a funeral (burial or cremation) is a big part of acknowledging that loss.  It is an opportunity to carry out and honour the wishes of those you loved.  It is also an opportunity to gather with family and friends to support each other and reflect on the life of a person who was loved.

How a global pandemic deprived many people of the opportunity to say goodbye

Many people in the last 18 months, were deprived that opportunity and the wake that usually follows.  The wake is so important when beginning to process loss.  Families and communities gather to laugh, cry, support, and share.  Without our network of support and without those opportunities to be with our loved ones in those last weeks it is harder to process the loss, manage the grief and restructure life for a future without that person’s presence.

Many people may be suffering from denial, anger, guilt, and other symptoms akin to post traumatic stress as a result. That is why now might be the time to use a Celebrant and create a memorial (life celebration, remembrance, farewell, whatever you wish to call it) to gather those friends, family and community in a place that means something to you and your loved one and take the time to commemorate their life, relate stories, share your grief and memories, and find your support network.

Grief does not follow rules

Grief does not follow rules and is not limited in time.  It you have loved and lost then you need to find ways to process that loss and find ways to move forward.  As a Celebrant I specialise in Memorials In facilitating a service and celebration of someone who is no longer with you by creating an event in any location and including anything to help you truly reflect and begin to process your emotions.

And when I say anything, I mean anything.  From solemn and structured to relaxed and, even, festival like.  Including poems, stories, music, tree planting, fire lighting, dancing, pagan or spiritual rituals or something unique to you.   And anywhere: in a garden, at a football club, at a car rally, up a mountain; literally at any location you choose.

How can a celebrant help?

memorial celebration. Scattering Ashes. Tree planting ceremonyMy aim is to empower you and support you in creating something that means something to you and helps you process your loss.  Celebrants in general are brilliant at this; its what we’re trained to do.  However, choosing the right celebrant for you is important.  We delve into your most treasured stories and memories so you will only want to share them with someone you can connect with.

If you want to find out more about how I might help you and see if I’m the right person for you and yours, then I’m happy to have a brief chat by phone or video without any pressure.  And if I’m not the celebrant for you, I am happy to point you in the direction of a colleague who is.

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