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Weddings… why choose a celebrant

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Weddings -why choose a celebrant

What is a celebrant? why choose a celebrant? what can a celebrant do? is it legal?

In this blog I am letting Nichola Reeder, of Rebel Heart Ceremonies tell you why she thinks choosing a celebrant is a great idea…

… and I have to tell you, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

But , First of all, what exactly is a Celebrant?

A celebrant is somebody who helps organise and deliver ceremonies. They are an alternative to vicars, priests who would officiate (predominantly) at religious  services. However they offer far more flexibility than a registry office (for weddings). Independent celebrants tend to be more open to different ideas.  Plus they are willing to include as little (or no) religion,  or as much as you want. Even a mixture from different religious, spiritual followings, or pagan rituals.  Celebrants may specialise in just funerals or weddings or other ceremonies or cover all types of ceremony.

the very lovely Nichola Reeder of Rebel Heart Ceremonies with a perfect message emblazoned on her chest

Me commentating at the world bog snorkelling championships a few years back.... well it was raining!

I call myself ‘The Alternative Celebrant’, and am particularly open to incorporating new or different or multiple ideas into a celebration, much like my friend Nichola here.

Are celebrant-led weddings legally binding?

Unlike in Scotland and Ireland, Celebrant-led weddings are not yet legally binding in Wales or England.

I say ‘yet’ because there has been a huge amount of industry consultation and as such serious consideration is being given to legislative change.

So, at present, if you opt for a celebrant wedding you would still need to legally register your marriage. HOWEVER, this does not make chosen a celebrant-led wedding any less valid.

As my celebrant friend, Nichola Reeder so eloquently writes in her latest blog , there are a multitude of great reasons for choosing a celebrant when celebrating your commitment to the love of your life.

Re the legalese she writes…

“… it means 10 minutes in your local registry office at the cost of about £50-£70 to say the 20 or so words that the law needs to hear with 2 witnesses to listen. But think of it this way – you register a death (legal) then have a funeral (ceremonial), you register a birth (legal) then have a Christening / Baby Naming (ceremonial) – what’s the difference between registering a marriage (legal) and then having a wedding (ceremonial)?”

For everything else there’s this: Why choose a celebrant to create your perfect day

How do You Find the right Celebrant?

If you are looking for something a little different and want to find a celebrant in your area, I recommend The Celebrant Directory  or The Association of Independent  Celebrants

If you are looking for a group of people who share your desire to organise a different kind of wedding, then pop over to my new group (Jan 2021) …  extraordinary people with alternative wedding ideas

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