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The way to deal with climate change is to put back the trees… No shit sherlock 😘

Fifteen-ish years ago we moved from the overpopulated, urban jungle of excesses that is Essex, to our rural haven here in Mid Wales. We are surrounded by lush green meadows and hills (mountains), and lots and lots of hedges and trees. Our air is some of the cleanest in Europe with rare lychens growing because of it.

Many of the forested areas are not made up of native trees so whilst still doing their job of using CO2, the quick growing pine which is one of the main industries in the region has had huge environmental impacts on the water courses and landscape.

There is however a little cluster of hills here in Llanwrtyd Wells, that have been saved and restored. Careful planting of mixed deciduous and pine woodland, interspersed with meadows and wildlife corridors, areas of marsh and wetland have appeared. The owner, will be leaving a ecological and natural legacy for generations to come but will not live long enough to see his deciduous forest mature. It will be his grandchildren and great grandchildren that have that honour.

In the short space of time he has owned this land, and with the help of many Welsh agencies, experts and local wildlife enthusiasts, he and his family have already created quite a haven for several endangered species…..

I applaud this venture and hope it inspires many more. I urge you to follow the site and Fb group, if only for the wildlife photographs…

Lofftwen Forest Farm

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  1. Mrs A says:

    I’m really lucky to live smack bang in the middle of a forest. We have a mix of deciduous and evergreens, carefully managed by the forestry comission. It is a beautiful place to live (especially the months of April and May).


  2. Wonderful to read about one person doing his part to combat global warming and improve the environment. It sounds like you live in a beautiful place!

  3. It’s so sad to see areas be completely changed into cement landscapes. My area is currently being built up and little by little the landscape is turning from mostly green to asphalt. It’s such a shame. #DreamTeam

    1. Berni Benton says:

      isn’t it tragic. Why everyone wants to live on top of each other I will never know

  4. Beautiful in both spirit and reality! Thanks for sharing:-)

    1. Berni Benton says:

      thank you

  5. That sounds like a great thing to do. I live in Devon so know how vital it is to keep our beautiful surroundings sustainable. #DreamTeam

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