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Chic at half the price

I was just about to leave this morning, and was showing of my ‘new’ trenchcoat to hubby when it dawned on me that everything I was wearing, barring my undies, was pre-loved, from a charity shop.or eBay…

…and as hubby said, I looked “hot” ( and I don’t think he was referring to my night sweats or wearing a coat indoors 😘)

I’m not a follower of fashion, I rarely buy anything new (or at all for that matter). I stick with comfort, slightly different with, preferably, a smidge of sexy…

Anyway. This is me this morning.

Et Vous trenchcoat from local charity shop last week £10

ankle boots from eBay (Autograph) £7.50

dress (Yest) £3 and purple long sleeved top (East) £1 from charity shop

I did pretty well in 2019 not buying new but in 2020 I plan to do even better.

Anyway, thought I’d share before heading to lunch with friends.

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  1. Some of my favourite clothes come from second-hand shops. I love your boots!

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Thasnks. Me Too! what a bargain!

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