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Etiquette, Courtesy… (addendum for all you men out there)

Having finished my last post I went back to the ironing, always a good place to contemplate and mull over.  An addendum popped into my head which doesn’t just apply to boyfriends/partners/husbands but is more likely to be held against those groups if handled incorrectly.  I refer to the etiquette of buying clothing for your wife/girlfriend/lover/daughter/sister/mother.
IF you decide you want to purchase clothing of any kind for a female i have two pieces of advice:

1. Buy the correct size


2. don’t buy it at all

It’s easy to buy the correct size, every single item of similar clothing in that females draws, cupboards, wardrobe, ironing basket will have a size tag on it.  Buying the right size will not only be appreciated but show thoughtfulness that you have done your research.

buy the wrong size at your peril

1.  Too large we will thing you think we are fat, or too fat

2 Too small and we will think you are hinting that we are too fat

You have been warned!

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