Your enduring love story: Celebrations of  Love, Unity & Commitment

As the Alternative Celebrant

I will help you create a perfect, quirky, intimate, alternative celebrations of love, unity & commitment; forget all the rules; throw out others expectations and simply say , ‘I love you’ or ‘ I still love you” and affirm your mutual respect, promises and commitment to each other, where you want, how you want.

You are all unique. 

Your story, your ceremony, your celebration, it’s yours.  I would love to help you create something special.  Because ever single ceremony and couple are about two or more individuals who’s celebration starts with a blank piece of paper; I do not have a flat rate.  I am however, happy to give you a no obligation quote based on an initial conversation to find out more about you both and how and where you want to celebrate.


Benefits of a Vow Renewal, Gratitude Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony or Non-Wedding

See the source image No need for any ‘legalese’.

See the source image Make or reaffirm promises to each other, anywhere you want

See the source image Make pledges of commitment, unity and love, dressed however you like

See the source image Organise a celebration at any point in your relationship. EG: to renew vows, or mark an important chapter chance in your lives.

See the source image Let friends who have been on your journey with you, share their stories.

“I have known Berni for many years  She has a great artistic ability, which she is happy to share with others.  Her empathy and encouraging nature helps even the shy and unconfident to achieve their goals.  This has lead many workshops with amazing results. I can’t think of a better person I would want as a Celebrant at any important event in my life.” – Julia Harris  -Artist/Friend

“If you want to talk to me about your love story and find out if I’m the celebrant for you, feel free to drop me a message and we can arrange a 20 minute chat with absolutely no cost or obligation”

Getting married is an event of two parts. 

There’s the legal bit and there’s the celebration bit.  Some couples do these together with the same officiant. That is, they use their registrar for their religious or civil partnership to complete the legal ceremony and lead a structured celebration for you, usually followed by a reception elsewhere straight after.  If this is what you want then I’m not for you.

Why use an Independent Celebrant?

Others choose the variety and flexibility of working with a celebrant.  I am an Independent Celebrant.  My training and quality is assured through continued CPD and approved training.  You, as my clients, have the additional assurance of my membership of the Association of Independent Celebrants.

There are several ways to benefit from using an Independent Celebrant.  Some people have a  legal wedding with a registrar and their closest family and friends then have a second wedding, alongside the party (reception)  on a different day at a different location using a celebrant to  create a bespoke ceremony for you

Some couples use a registrar and a celebrant on the same day and at the same location.  The registrar will do the legal bit and use the set words that are required to be married and you will sign and have witnessed the official paperwork.  The celebrant will then take over, having spent time getting to know you both and having created you the unique content , vows, promises, rituals, congregation participation, that you want.

Some couples go off and complete the legal paperwork in a “2×2” ceremony at the registry office (some time before or even after the celebrant wedding).  They view their  celebrant-led wedding as the ‘main event’, as it’s the sharing of their promises to each other in front of all the people that matter the most to them.  And they can do it however and where ever they want.

Others skip the legal bit altogether and choose to use a celebrant to help them authentically articulate their gratitude, love and affection for each ither and make promises to each other in a location that matters.

And then there’s the years after and all the opportunities to say “I still do”.  And you can do that whether or not you have ever legally married..  There is always an opportunity to say how you feel, review what you’ve achieved or overcome together, and talk about what you are looking forward to in the future…

I am keen to do my bit for the environment. 

Therefore I offer a special rate of £595 for a bespoke ceremony written just for you created from your own stories and delivered here at Cerdyn Villa, or in a location within 15 miles  (weddings at any location in my local ward).