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Ask a Celebrant: Podcast: So What Exactly Is A Celebrant?

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If you read my last blog post, I introduced myself and explained, why I became a celebrant, what exactly a celebrant is, and how we are all unique in our service provision.  I explained why it is important to spend time finding the right celebrant for you, for the type of celebration you want.


This post is to invite you to join my friend and fellow celebrant, Dinah and I to our new monthly podcast.  The podcast is called Ask A Celebrant and its us having an informal chat, and answering questions sent in by you.

Meanwhile, here is a link to Dinah’s blog, where she tells you her journey to being the celebrant she is today; ‘grateful’…   It’s a great read.


What type of thing do we get asked?

(Honestly, hot chocolates, together in the local cafes are not the only reason we decided to work together!)

Me, Berni B, The Alternative Celebrant Dinah Liversidge : The Grateful Celebrant

We’re here to answer your questions.  Questions like this:

So what is a celebrant? (Ans: tune into episode 1 of the podcast to find out, available from 28th Jan 22 )

Can a celebrant legally marry us (Ans: no, not yet but reform is on its way),  But can I have the wedding celebrations of my dreams with a celebrant (Answer: HELL, YES it will be the best and absolutely unique to you).

Where can I celebrate my wedding? (Ans: absolutely anywhere you want)

How do I choose a celebrant and what questions should I ask?  (Ans: we will guide you through the where to search, what to check and questions to ask)

What does a funeral celebrant do? (Ans. they help you say goodbye in a way that truly reflects the life of the person you loved and those left behind .  Listen to the podcast to find out how)

What other types of service do celebrants officiate? (Ans: any type of celebration you can dream of; we are here to make occasions even more special and our podcast will talk about some of the amazing services we have officiated; and some of them will be for things you hadn’t even considered !)

What are the benefits of using a celebrant? (Ans: too many to go into here – wait for the podcast!)

What does it cost to use a celebrant?  (Ans: this varies widely depending on the type of service, length and content – a reputable celebrant will be very open about their fees)

Where and when is this fab podcast!?

We will be there on 28th of each month answering anything you want as best we can.  We will even be inviting guests to join us and talk about their speciality.

You will see how different we both are in what we offer.  And that is the beauty of the celebrant network. We may all be independent, but we all work in partnership and support each other, to help you, the customer, find the perfect celebrant for you.

So, keep updated and join our conversations by subscribing to our podcast and feel free to ask a question or feedback via our FB Podcast page


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  1. Excellent. So great to see such a human scripted blog clearly explaining what and how. Thank you for sharing.

    1. so glad you like it

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