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Ask A Celebrant : What Kind of Celebrations can I Create for You?

Ask a celebrant episode 3

So, what kind of celebrations can a celebrant create for you?  If you even know what a celebrant is, you are still probably only thinking that we’re all about weddings and  funerals;  but we can offer so much more.  In this episode of Ask A Celebrant we try and give you more reasons to celebrate.

Episode 3 of Ask A Celebrant 

Wow!  Time flew by so quickly we nearly missed recording episode 3!!!!  If you listened to episode 2 you will realise that something very exciting happened.  Totally unexpectedly, I asked Dinah if she would officiate a love and gratitude ceremony for John and I in the form of a starlit event in her dark skies woodland.

We were both crying by the end of the recording.  Luckily john thought it was a great idea and so now we are planning our very own intimate alternative romantic event, just the 2 of us with our boys (well 2 of them, one is in Saudi)  and their partners.

I will tell you all about it after the event in a special blog post.

What was exciting was that after Episode 2 went live, Dinah and I received lots of questions about what we can and cant help you celebrate and how and where.

Life is a Celebration

Its always a lovely question because, basically, as long as we are not breaking the law, we can help you celebrate ANYTHING, pretty much ANYHOW and almost ANYWHERE!!!  Its wonderful to be able to offer this.  The only limitations are your imaginations… and we will do our best to help you expand on sprouting ideas and create you something unique and totally awesome.  The only two things you have to do are:-

  1. Acknowledge there is an moment that you want bookmarking with a special celebration
  2. Reach out to us and book the date

Live in conversation

It was, as always, a total joy to record with Dinah.  What I love is that we remain totally unscripted.  We start with your question and then we have a conversation which is somewhere between 30-45 minutes.  We record it, and then we upload it… no retakes, no edits, nothing.  You basically get to join us in conversation and can ask anything you want as a follow up.  We will do our best to answer.

What’s worth celebrating?

So, this episode we talk a bit about rituals, a bit about what’s worth celebrating (clue: pretty much everything), we talk about the importance of taking a proper moment to express thanks, gratitude, love.  To acknowledge the end of a traumatic situation, or the beginning of a new chapter.  To acknowledge the journey, recognise the hardships and achievements; close the book on something in the past; or welcome in the future.  And we touch on some ideas for rituals, that might make your event that little bit more extra special.

What do you think are the moments you should be celebrating in your own life?

Join us

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