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ask a celebrant posterAsk A Celebrant is an unscripted, conversational, month podcast.  I co-host with my friend, colleague and mentor, Dinah Liversidge.

Apart from the joy of ensuring we get at least one coffee and cake session together each month, we love talking about our jobs.  We both love and value being celebrants.  We love the flexibility of it, the variety of people we meet and the families we help.

Each month we start with a topic, largely dictated by you, our readers and listeners, who have mentioned something to us in passing or in response to a previous episode.  We let the conversation flow and record until we come to a natural stop.  Usually about 30-40 minutes.

If you want to subscribe you can do so here.  Or search for Ask a Celebrant on your favourite podcast listening app.

I usually write a blog to accompany each episode  – here are the links

Episode 1 : What is a Celebrant?

Episode 2: How can you celebrate your relationship without a big wedding?

Episode 3 : What Kind of Ceremonies can a Celebrant Create for You?

Episode 4 : Grief and Memorials

Episode 5 : The Loss of a Much Loved Pet

Episode 6 : Talking About Death in a Way that Feels Comfortable

If you have a topic you would like Dinah and I to discuss, please get in touch.  If you are interested in being a guest on out podcast , we will be opening up some guest spots in some of our future episodes so please let us know what your area of speciality is and we will link you in with the subjects we are asked to cover by our listeners.

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