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Scattering your Ashes in Space

We Are All Stardust : scattering your ashes in space

My partner, John, frequently tells me , that when he dies he would like us to play Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd) and send his ashes into space.

We first spoke about it years and years and years ago!  I can’t remember what started the conversation.  Since then, as I’ve trained as a Funeral Celebrant and then as I continue my training as an End-of-life Doula, the conversation of our own death wishes comes up.

Some time ago I wrote a blog about what you can do with ashes (or cremains), It was one of a series of blogs called Authentically Alternative

Whilst you can’t actually get someone’s ashes all the way into space (yet, unless you are Elon Musk or Richard Branston), you can get them to the edge of space.  And you can do so in the most beautiful way.

With Aura Flights you can have your ashes taken up into our outer atmosphere by balloon and released.  The process is captured on cameras and transformed into a personalised memorial video of the final journey of your departed loved one, accompanied by music of your choice (it doesn’t have to be Pink Floyd, Shine on you Crazy Diamond!)

Take a look at this video

“We are All Stardust”

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