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Life and Death Matters

Life & Death Matters

I am delighted to announce that in partnerships with three amazing local professionals, we are hosting our first Life and Death Matters coffee morning on Wednesday 13th July

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As with the national organisations such as Death Cafes and Coffin Clubs, our aim is to normalise and open up the conversations surrounding dying and death.

This, hopefully, first of many meetings is local to my home and its aim is to set the structure for future meetings.  We’ll be introducing ourselves and inviting locals to tell us what they would want from regular meetings, how they would like them to be structured, and where would they want them to be help.

Lynda Rogers is the PAVO Community Connector for my local area (Llanwrtyd)

Lynne Parnall is, as well as an independent counsellor, also a Bereavement Facilitator for our local cancer support charity, Bracken Trust

Antoinette De Kleijn runs Allowing Time which provides support to families wanting to keep their loved ones in their home after they die and before the funeral.  She is also a trained nurse

And Bernice Benton, that’s me!  Funeral Celebrant, End-of-life Doula amongst other things.

What to include?

Have a think about what topics would be useful to you and your family.  For example:

How  to prepare advanced care directives?

How do I discuss my wishes for quality of care?

How do I make my post death/ funeral wishes known?

What options for care and support are available in my area?

What options do I have when it comes to funerals?

What is a direct cremation?

What is a celebrant?

Costs of care and funerals?

How to structure Life and Death matters coffee mornings?

Would you like guest speakers?

Would you like practical activities related to death planning?

Would you like facilitated informal conversation?

Would you like things like meditation, mindfulness, chair yoga, art therapy included?

Where would you like meetings to take place?

Community halls?

Local pubs or cafes with private rooms?

In a medical facility?

Outside? (weather permitting)

If you are interested in a meeting in your area (I can cover Mid Wales and into Hereford), please get in touch

If you want to attend this one but are unable but want to contribute, feel free to email me.


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