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2020 Stained Glass Window Project


2020 Stained Glass Window Project

At the end of 2019 I was delighted that we managed to secure some funding for our 2020 stained glass window project.

plaque under community stained glass window project at Mytddfai Hall, showing it was unveiled by HRH Price CharlesYou may remember our wonderful community project for Myddfai Community Hall in 2017?  We were  so excited to have it unveiled by HRH Prince Charles. You can read about it here.

I am certain this success helped in securing funds for a second window at the other end of the same hall.

scaled up drawings, pattern for second staind glass window project for Myddfai HallThe original project engaged about 30 members of the local community.  These days it attracts many visitors, who want to see our ‘Year of The Welsh Legends’ window.

This time we couldn’t engage with as many people. Lockdowns and restrictions throughout the year made community engagement challenging to say the least.  Still, we managed a couple of 6 week courses.  Each group were with stained glass novices.  They started from basics, then  made a plate, bowl or jug as a practice piece to overlay onto the Welsh dresser.

Much of the work on the window was done by me at home; the design, scaling up, glass selection and centre panel.  But my co-teacher and half a dozen stalwart individuals have managed to make a huge difference to the overall progress.

Back in lockdown again, and, after 12 months, we’ve still not finished, even though the first window was installed within 6 months. Here’s where we’ve been and where we are now….

From learning how to use the tools and cut the glass…

learning to cut glass

… To helping to create this

stained glass window project so far - dec 2020
..the progress before the final 2020 lockdown with the 5 stalwarts of the project, Deborah, Steve, Lesley, Louise, Hazel


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