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Weddings with Children

Today is International Children’s Day so I thought it was a good moment to talk about weddings with children present and how to include them or keep them entertained.

Why not cater for all your wedding guests!  And if there are children at your wedding, why not involve them in the ceremony!

Here are 5 fun ideas for both

5 ways to keep children entertained at your wedding

🚸 set up a kids corner with pillows throws and ‘quiet’ toys (books, paper and pencils, puzzle books) so they can ‘escape’ the grownups and have a nap

🚸provide bubbles, balls, hula hoops and a safe space where they can run around and let of steam

🚸set up a kids drinks and snacks zone so they don’t go thirsty or hungry whilst waiting for the wedding breakfast.. in fact why not have kids tables there too

Photo Credit: Richard Crease

🚸if you want to spend money on it, why not hire a kids entertainer

🚸i went to one wedding where they’d hired a ‘circus school’ and as part of the early evening entertainment the kids performed for the congregation

5 ways to include kids in the ceremony

🚸A sand ceremony using little vials of coloured sands which can be poured by each child into a vase to create a beautiful keepsake for the couple symbolising the joining of the children within the family from past and current relationships

handfasting with children
photo credit: Richard Crease, Wedding Bethan & Dafydd

🚸A handfasting with lots of ribbons allows all the guests, including the younger ones to come up and offer a ribbon prior to tying the knot

🚸If you don’t mind a bit of mess, how about a large canvas and asking the youngsters to put their handprints on the image of a bare tree

🚸including a song, poem or reading by the children as part of the ceremony

🚸Or, my favourite, messy idea.  A very large canvas and little vials of slightly watered down paint that everyone can throw at the canvas to create a unique abstract artwork as a keepsake.  Grown ups love it too


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