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Vow Renewals: Celebrating your enduring love story

Vow Renewals: Celebrating your enduring love story

better togetherVow renewals are about celebrating your enduring love story.  They might be a year into your relationship, or 10 or 25 , or 50.  they might be after a significant change in your circumstances.  Or they might be ‘just because’.

Speaking from first hand experience, it may seem odd to tell you that you don’t have to be married to renew your vows…

… ok, so you can’t renew your ‘wedding’ vows …

kerry and david - 25 years married and still very much in loveBut, as a couple, who have been together for a period of time, you probably have, by default, made commitments and promises to each other.   you have written your love story over that period of time.  And it has endured everything that has passed.

Together,  you almost certainly have been on many adventures.  Some good, some, not so.  Some challenging.

40 years - Ceri & Andy the lovely couple relaxed and chatting to their photographerAnd you almost certainly will have achieved things together, discovered things about each other that you love, respect and are grateful for.

You will have grown together, changed together, readjusted to circumstances together.

You may have celebrated significant holidays together, birthdays, births, graduations, career changes, children growing up, leaving home, starting families of their own.

Sejal and Sunil - the happy couple on their 25th wedding anniversatyYou may have supported each other at times of grief and loss, heartache, ill-health, trauma.  Your other half may have been what helped get you through


Celebrations of longevity of love, commitment and gratitude.

It’s for all these reasons and more why I absolutely love vow renewal celebrations; or any celebrations of longevity of love, commitment and gratitude.

It is very easy to let life carry on with a simply ‘thanks’ to our partner when they do something for us.  Or send them a card, buy them some flowers, maybe even find time to go out for a meal.

Our lives are novels in the writing.

John and i

In my opinion, all chapter changes deserve marking.  Sometimes as a couple it is worth taking time out to really think about and express what you are grateful and thankful for.  to look back on your journey to date, reflect on what you have achieved and overcome, and think about what you are looking forward to in the future

And what a great time to suggest it, or book it to start planning, than that one day a year that is dedicated to that 3rd century Roman saint of courtly love and romance; Saint Valentine

Create a celebration of your enduring love

John and I - Pix by VixSo why not?  What are you waiting for?  Let me help you create a celebration of your enduring love.  Let me help you celebrate your love story, your gratitude for each other and help you make promises and commitments to each other for the future

pre ceremony BBQ with our very special people These are my absolutely favourite celebrations.  John and I have been happily unmarried together for almost 30 years.  On 13th May 2021, a random date that just seemed right to us, we stood under the night sky with our sons and their partners and reflected on our journey before making promises and expressing our hopes and dreams for the future.   It was the very best night .  We laughed, we cried, we shared with our now grown children and we thought about what we most love about each other and what we both hope to experience together on the next chapter of our magnificent adventure.

If you want to talk about creating your own unique celebration feel free to arrange a no obligation 20 minute chat with me and see if I am the celebrant to help you do just that

Happy Valentine’s Day all you lovers out there xxx

At our own gratitude ceremony, celebrating our own enduring love story
At our own gratitude ceremony, celebrating our own enduring love story: location – The Charcoal Hut, celebrant -Dinah Liversidge


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The Charcoal Hut

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Me and John, Squirrels Nest but mainly, Vix Davies, Pix By Vix

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