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Hair Raising…

I don’t get the opportunity to go to a ‘real’ hairdressers very often these day.  I’m not complaining when I say I can’t afford it, it’s just a fact.  I chose a lifestyle 10 years ago  that creates a great wealth of happiness, offers me bucket loads of valuable family time, but very little cash flow and no financial wealth.  And I’m happy with that.

However it tends to mean I don’t buy new makeup, go to the hairdressers very often, or shop for new clothes. In fact I’m sat here in a sweater I bought in the Lake District whilst dating a lad call Ian when I was 18!!!  I’m 46 now – yipes.  (Mind you its the only thing from my skinny , sexy teens that still fits – even my feet are bigger these days! lol).  Needless to say I don’t often look in a mirror either.  Sometimes I go to brush my teeth at night and realise I haven’t even looked at my hair never mind run my hands or a brush through it all day.  Incidentally I don’t own a brush.  I used to own long pronged comb but I threw that out some years ago.  I do have anti frizz sprays.  Much needed but they  tend to last a lonnngggg time!

Anyway – who cares?  When I lived in the ‘normal’ world and worked in a ‘normal’ job, i would put on full makeup every morning and tidy my hair.    John and I are happy.  My friends here don’t judge me.  I get no more ‘funny looks’ than when I make an effort (?!).  I don’t think there is a single person outside of my Welsh friends who has seen me without makeup or stilettos.  I didn’t feel complete without either and both were integral parts of my past  life.

These days I occasionally miss that ‘dressing up’  but I can do it if I want.  So sometimes I put on the slap, coiffure my hair and go to Tescos , however, some days I sling on my jog bottoms , pull on a sweatshirt and do the same without considering a mirror.  Sometimes I wonder if its laziness or depression.

Maybe sometimes it is.  But mainly I think it’s because I’m more comfortable in

My alter-ego "Lady lily of the Pink"
My alter-ego “Lady lily of the Pink”

my own skin and with my own personality and friends then I used to be.  I guess the hair and makeup of my old life often made me feel stronger, more confident, able to face the day.  Sometimes though, as these days with the opposite it was to hide feeling low or it was a chore.

Very happy to be collecting 'first in class' trophy at www 2013.
Very happy to be collecting ‘first in class’ trophy at www 2013.

It signified a lack of confidence.  Funny isn’t it.  I’m all for either option and everyone should go for it as they see fit.  So these days I do a bit of both, as my fancy takes me.

Some days I dress like this. other times like that.

Anyway, I digress.

Yesterday I took John to Steil in Llandeilo.  My hairdressing salon of choice should I have the time and money..  He was desperate, he had no idea how to handle his aging hair (sorry john) so he ignored it.

He did so in the spiriJohn looking "younger"and "on trend" as they say these dayst of freedom, rebellion and denial!  Anyway  Craig was horrified with his shoulder length wavy locks

and after some fiddling, negotiating, an hour of preening and a little bit of ‘product’ he came away looking younger and very handsome and pretty damned trendy (so he’d been told).  Anyway, as Jason (our son) said, when he heard I’d booked his dad in, “At least you won’t look like a twat anymore!”

crystal tipsSo, as I was saying at the beginning, I don’t get to a proper hairdresser very often these day and rely on either avoiding mirrors or packet colour to keep me optimistic!  However, I am looking more and more like an angora goat these days, without the cuteness or the benefit of getting a nice wooly jumper in a month or two.  Whilst I have recently had a close encounter with a packet of “Live Colour XXL” and gone deep red,  it flops in a shaggy heap and frizzes like I’ve had my finger in an electric socket.  I liken myself to Crystal Tips (you may remember Crystal Tips and Alistair from your childhood if you are around my age).

Over the years I’ve been here I’ve been various shades of red/pink/purple but rarely braved more than a trim.  However.  I had a consultation with Craig before I left and booked myself a “4 appointment slot” for 5th March  (That’s at least four hours of preening) .  Craig wants to be “dramatic”, “make a statement” and be bold.  with my hair.  “It’s all about design darling”  .  So this is the plan  (and remember John was with me agreeing these decisions).  *sharp intake of breath* navy, with highlights in bright orange, wedged back, with a splash of turquoise.!!!!!  Well I’m getting on in age , it’s now or never and never leads to regret .  So…… watch this space……

My summer in 'Marigold'
My summer in ‘Marigold’
John went pink after I hit the £1000 mark but vowed "no bleach ever again"
John went pink after I hit the £1000 mark but he vowed “no bleach ever again”
purple haze
purple haze
Really really red
Really really red

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  1. Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts. No one liked it, apart from blind people, and I’m sure even they sensed its profound ugliness as it passes by. 🙂

    1. hahahaha x thanks for taking time out to read and comment.- much appreciated

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