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Based on APOD images of Whirlpool Gallaxies - this stained glass window panel was produced for our bathroom as an alternative to obscured glass
Based on APOD images of Whirlpool galaxies – this stained glass window panel was produced for our bathroom as an alternative to obscured glass
Tangerine Dream - Acrylic on Canvas
Tangerine Dream – Acrylic on Canvas

when you stand in our bathroom at night with its curved black ceiling speckled with hundred of fibre optic pinpoints of light; and look down into the shiny black floor tiles, you get the wonderful sensation of floating in space and a weightlessness and clarity from the silence and the sense of infinity all around.

“As we look out from our World the Universe looks back” – acrylic on wood based on the Helix Nebula, a great ‘Cosmic Eye’ 700 light years away in Aquarius

I imagine for a brief moment the ever-expanding universe with its countless galaxies and unfathomable numbers of stars and planets.

“There is Beauty All Around; We Simply Have To Open Our Minds To See” – based on the grat nebular in Orion









Then take an introspective look at our small life on our speck  in the infinitely varied and technicoloured, ever-changing, ever evolving universe; and find peace.

This moment in time, the one in which man occupies a little blue and green ball of rock is but a breath in the universal expanse.

“We Shall Never Tame Nature; It Will Not Surrender To Us” – acrylic on wood – A hurricane over the Earth

We should cram it full of friendship and joy, it is too short a moment to squander.  After we are gone – I wonder what magic will fill the tiny void our absence will create.

“When Considering the Universe, We ARE But a Speck of Dust” – acrylic on wood based on APOD image by Adam Black of a spiral galaxy 300 Million light years away in Andromeda


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  1. Beautifully written and from a beautiful inspiration too. Maybe I should start looking at aspects of my home in a different way #GlobalBlogging

  2. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... says:

    Beautiful pictures and words. The power of the universe is incredible and wondrous. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  3. Love those pieces of art! And your musings on life and our place in it!

    1. thanks x

  4. Misa says:

    Your bathroom sounds fabulous! #MondayStumble

  5. Alice Letters to my Daughter says:

    Beautiful words and stunning pictures – did you paint them? I love the sound of your bathroom – I want to visit!! #BlogCrush

  6. I enjoyed this post…thank you:)

  7. Wow! love those colours and its like being transported to a new galaxy 🙂

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