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So you want to be a Celebrant…

So You Want to Be A Celebrant?…

For so many years I thought about, investigated, wished and dreamed of being a celebrant. I knew deep down that I was the perfect person for such a job. I have empathy, I’m sincere, genuine, compassionate, non-judgemental. I’m a great listener. I hear what is being said. I care a lot. I advocate for people. Like public speaking. Have (I’m told) a really good speaking voice. I’m intelligent (well reasonably), understanding and am all-inclusive.

Yet for so many years I didn’t follow my dream. That little imposter voice on my shoulder made me doubt myself; dropped obstacles in the form of fears, in front of me. I was frightened to stick my neck out and invest in my future. I carried my dream. I told people about my dream.

Dream it…

One in particular , Dinah Liversidge.

Dinah was, is and always will be one of the most inspiring, genuine and brilliant women I know… and I am fortunate to know many amazing women, so I do not say that lightly. I met Dinah in 2015 at Myddfai Hall in Carmarthenshire. She was new to the village and had volunteered to bake cakes for their community café and was making gorgeous little trinkets to hang on windows to stop birds flying into them. I was also a volunteer in the café and craft shop, and displayed some of my art and glass there. We hit it off. I just knew right then we would be friends. Just being in her presence uplifted me. To this day, an hour with Dinah, remains one of the best medicines in my mental wellbeing cabinet.

Anyway. at some point we were having lunch, or cake at least with some great coffee and I told her about wanting to be a celebrant. She was already a world renowned motivational speaker; business mentor and trainer. Her full story is extraordinary. Her move to Myddfai was pure chance, they were moving to Wales for a new start and a less stressful life but happened upon their home there through misreading a postcode!

Luck. Fate. Whatever you call it.

Be it…

She was also inspired to train. But unlike me, she did not let her imposter voice hold her back. She invested and started her business as The Myddfai Celebrant. Obviously, she is hugely successful at it. There would have been no other outcome.
What also happened is that her journey made her realise how lacking the career was in good quality, supportive training. And so, with all her knowledge and skills, she created a 12 week training program which will soon be a recognised qualification through the Association of Independent Celebrants. And fortunately for me, I was the lucky individual to test drive the package.

I no longer listen to that little imposter on my shoulder because now I am a celebrant. I am The Alternative Celebrant. And a pretty damned good one at that, even if I say so myself. Take a look at the testimonials on my website, and my profile in the Celebrant Directory. Life is good, for me as The Alternative Celebrant. I have, with Dinah’s help, realised a dream.

Maybe this vocation is for you too? If so, pop over and see Dinah

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