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The “How To” of a Micro Wedding

Last month I wrote about what a  micro wedding is, and how it’s a growing trend for more affordable, intimate, personalised celebrations.  Now I’m going to make some suggestions on how to make one happen!

A wedding is considered ‘micro’ when it has less than 20 guests.  Just because its small does not mean its not spectacular.

Now, those who know my ‘no-rules’ approach will no that writing a ;how to; on anything is going to prove a challenge, because I’m likely to say ‘however you damned well like!”

And, yes, I AM saying that!  However, I appreciate, some of you might like a little guidance.  So here goes.


TEPEEThe joy of a micro wedding is that you can take it pretty much anywhere; your back garden, or better still, your friends!  How about your favourite guesthouse, public park, riverside picnic spot?  What about a treehouse, tepee,  or narrow boat? My suggestion is pick a place meaningful to you.  And I’d avoid big venues that say they will cater for a micro event as you may lose the ambience and intimacy by squeezing yourself into a small corner of a large wedding venue.

Think about if you want a location with exclusivity.  Or fully inclusive packages.  do you want a space that’s a blank canvas so you can dress it how you like, or do you want a venue that will do it for you?

celebrateDoes the venue have any licencing requirements?  Does it have a bar? Or can you bring your own booze?  Will they charge corkage (here the answer is, yes, bring as much booze as you want.  No, we don’t charge corkage, but we’re always happy to be offered a drink from your stash 😜🍾).

What about food?  Do you want a place that caters?  Can you bring your own catering?

complimentary wedding breakfastWhat about restrictions?  Do you want a BBQ? Will they allow it?  What about real candles?  Can you attach things to the walls?  What about power and lighting?


Here it can get tricky.  Or it can be a blessing.  You can only invite  your very closest family and friends.  So cross off the extended family, the fair-weather friends, the friends by association, the work colleague’s who you like but don’t socialise with.  Just your very besties.  And because its a micro event you have the perfect excuse.


I’m just thinking about my venue now, which doesn’t provide catering but does have a BBQ area .  Do you want to order in and be catered.  Do you want to DIY round a campfire?  Do you want a cake.  For us , we happily help coordinate local butchers, cafes, catering services, cake makers on your behalf and theres a kitchen available for you to use.


Worth thinking about in any instance but small places it’s less likely to have the full range of totally accessible facilities.  For example , our venue is our garden.  Our couple accommodation is a glamping pod boudoir.  Our additional accommodation is our small home from home B&B and there are no downstairs rooms.


What does the venue include, what’s optional, what’s extra?  Like with all events, even on a small scale, the extras can add up.  Ask about all inclusive packages.  Here at Cerdyn Villa, the venue, the ceremony and celebrant, 2 nights  accommodation with a champagne picnic breakfast for the couple and  our self catering annex for  up to 4 guests is already included, everything else is an optional extra for you to buy in or bring yourselves.


Now is the time to decide which is any traditions you really want to include.  Do you want a big cake or a box of doughnuts.  No need for a first dance.  What about the dress code.  You could save a fortune opting out of the traditional wedding attire.   How about getting your guests to bring a plate?  Or order a take out.  Do you want speeches?  What about music?  Bring your own speakers and playlist?  Bring an old fashioned record player?  With a micro wedding its so much more likely to cut things like the big cake, the videographer, the dance floor and DJ.  Get creative and do things your own way


A micro wedding can be as cheap or as costly as you want it to be.  You can do it on a shoestring, or go full on opulence.  Prices with me start from £1000*,  and as I said before , that’s your accommodation and use of the venue with me as your celebrant.  The rest is up to you.


And that’s about it.  If you want to discuss an idea and find out if I can help you make it a reality, then message me. I’m always happy to have a chat about someone else’s relationship 😘😂🎉


(*at time of writing)


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