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Self Isolation NOT Social Isolation 3 (AKA: yet another 6 free ideas to keep you busy)

Here’s 6 more ideas to keep you occupied… Obviously resting, lie ins and doing nothing are also OK… don’t feel guilty if you are not doing something all the time.  Yesterday I didn’t change out of my dressing gown, took an afternoon nap, AND had an early night followed by a late morning !

  • Fender are offering 3 months of FREE guitar lessons – obviously you need to have a guitar – or maybe you can learn it on your air guitar too
  • Every Thursday you can watch a play via the National Theatre
  • This one is great for the kids ….and therefore you parents… Astronauts reading kids books in space!  I’m going to calm Hubby down with this one 😉
  • Follow Jack Munroe for recipes and ideas on how to cook good meals on a tight budget
  • Handwrite some letters… seriously, there is nothing nicer than receiving a hand written letter… if you have kids they could write to their grandparents and friends as part of learning from home.. but you could write to your parents or friends too… or you can put a shout out on social media like my friend Anita did and now we write back and forward all the time.. she’s in Australia.  You can write to me if you can’t think of anyone you’d rather receive a reply from and I promise ti write back.. (NB re CV19 – it potentially lives on paper for 24 hours so as an extra precaution, don’t pick up your post for a while x)
  • Get out the board games… if you are not alone you can do this easily in your home with or without kids – Hubby and I play cards, scrabble and loads of other games… but we are trying to sort out how to do this via social media with our family remotely.  If you both have the same board game you can all play together moving all the players pieces on each board eg with Monopoly… I’ll try this and let you know how it works…


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