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Scatter cushions aged three and three quarters

I was lucky enough to have spent some of my evening yesterday in the company of a three and a half year old.

Within our hour together; with the aid of one toy fluffy dog, a real dog basket and 5 scatter cushions, I had made wishes on a giant blue genie, flown on the back of a unicorn, slain dragons, awoken Sleeping Beauty, rescued Rapunzel from the tallest tower, built and knocked down 3 dens, 4 castles and broken into 6 heavily defended towers.  I’d been a king, a handsome prince, a wicked witch, and a blue genie with gold wings.  I have a new little friend, a reminder of playing without self-consciousness and a wonderful flashback to when my own son was three.

We had some amazing adventure together Jason and I.  Plus we built some of the BEST snowmen  (I’ll have to dig out an old photo).

Children don’t need lots of money spent on expensive toys, moulded plastic in bright primary colours.  They need an old box, maybe a scatter cushion or two,  access to your heart and time, and the freedom to allow their imaginations to work their magic.  IT IS this that will give them (and you) the BEST of lasting childhood memories.

Thank you Jason Crompton and Siouxsie -May Fry for the magic of your hearts and minds. xxxxx

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