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I love listening to the philosophers of our time, voices of reason and clarity , many of whom help me to consolidate and seem to express my thoughts and opinions.  When I’m working I often listen to TED and I listen to all sorts of speakers on all sorts of subjects.

I believe strongly that morality is part of humanity not a state reserved for the religious.  I believe strongly in the innate goodness of people and I believe in the evidence presented by science for the evolution of life and variation of species.

I also believe that people only have the right to believe in whatever they like when it does not harm others.  I also see a huge basic flaw in religious fanaticism (when and where it occurs) that makes followers believe that ‘their God’ needs defending, protecting or policing to the point where they have to kill/maim or convert non-believers.   Surely if these people believe in ‘their God’ and the group of abstract practices and cultural behaviours that enable them to demonstrate that belief, then they should also have faith that ‘their God’ is powerful enough and robust enough to deliver its  or his/her own punishment or forgiveness (or whatever) on those who fail to believe and follow the appropriate practices.  Surely these ‘all powerful, all-seeing God(s) are not so frail or upset by the offense of the none believer that they ned a mere human to defend them?

All religious groups seem to have fanatics;  Christian missionaries who go to ‘uneducated’ tribes and convert or kill those who won’t be ‘saved’ or agree to believe in ‘their god’ ;  suicide bombers.  These fanatics work to ‘protect’ the reputation of ‘their god’ or to ‘save’ those who believe in a different god or different set of rules of behaviour relating to the same god.

If their were one true God then surely the majority of people with devout and uncompromising belief have it wrong and will burn in whatever form of Hell and damnation the correct god has as its counterpart.

I know this is a controversial blog and will upset many people.  Theists mainly.  But I put it to you theists.  If your god is the ‘real God’ then he will deal with me as he sees fit in this life or in the next one (that you believe I will eventually transcend to).  I can understand that you may fear for my well-being as a non believer but I see no need for you to take offense or to be intimidated my me; I have no need to try to ‘save’ you from your misguided notions (and as you have a strong faith would in any instance be unable to do so).  I also have a strong moral code by which I love, treat others how you would like to be treated yourself, be kind, considerate, work hard, be thoughtful and compassionate, offer help to those less fortunate etc etc.

I also can understand that you may wish to  try to ‘save’ me.  Although I would remind you that for some of you, your God is a forgiving God (and thus will see me straight, consider my actions in life and ensure I am forgiven himself).

I end with this quote that I heard spoken by a  great orator and philosopher, Richard Dawkin (it’s not his in origin but I don’t know rightly who first said it).  I quote it because it put all the current  Gods and faiths into perspective , because over the generations these gods and faiths have altered (does that mean that all our ancestors were wrong and are all in hell?)

“We are all atheists about most gods that humanity has ever believed in, some of us go just one god further”

Here’s one of my favourite talks by Philosopher Stephen Cave (I know I also posted it in my Blog “Life’s a Book” , but it is a good one)

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  1. Hi again 🙂

    Richard Dawkins “a great orator and philosopher”!! Great orator I’d give you. Philosophy, however, must be a subject he is most ignorant of. He has said it shouldn’t even be considered a serious subject. Many would agree. Few would regard him as “great” in regard to it though.

    A Christian quite rightly in my opinion, referred to him as an atheist version of Ray Comfort, or the “banana proves intelligent design” stable of thought. Which is amusing as well as painfully accurate 🙂

    Regarding the rest of your post.. you seem to come across a lot of theists with seriously ill intent! My motivation for talking to anyone about my faith is out of genuine love that I believe they could benefit from. I don’t believe that sharing love can do any harm. I know what you say has some truth to it, and many who call themselves religious seem to be motivated by hate, which would self destruct any belief based upon a viable creator (who’s nature, if destructive, would destroy rather than create – you see my point).

    Suffice to say, I would agree with your attitude in the face of such irrational hostility. But then I feel aggrieved to be lumped together with them.

    Regarding your own saved state 🙂 it would be my understanding that you rail against the truth that is within you. What harm is there in addressing that? Fair enough if you don’t want to talk about it. Not fair enough if you then judge me for not wanting to share something with you that could turn your life around for the better.

    To end likewise…
    In my understanding, all endeavours to understand the divine point to the same truth. 😉

    Peace & love

    1. Thank you again for your response. I don’t need saving, I o not have to find salvation. i trust in science , empathy, honesty and treating others as I would like to be treated myself. I am happy to explore and live life to the full here in the knowledge that it is my one opportunity to do enjoy the wonders that have evolved on this lump of rock in the infinite solar sustem and beyond. I do not fear death or worry that I will go on to another life of damnation or heavenly eternality… I am happy to accept this world as the beginning and end o my consscious existence. Energy is eternal it is neither created nor destroyed. By body will decompose and feed new life as plants, which will feed animals and help new humans to grow, that is the cycle of life and death and I am very happy with it
      May you continue find peace and happiness in your God and your life in the ways that make sense to you

      1. says:

        Of course you need saving silly! 🙂

        You need truth, and solid reasoning to make sense of the world.

        Philosophically, a non theistic world view makes no sense at all. You cannot make sense of science for example without borrowing from a theistic world view.

        For a detailed explanation of this, look at this video on the subject. The bit you’d be interested in starts at about 3:18.

        Note: I’m not in the business of spamming strangers with YouTube links. I never speak of my faith unless challenged to. Your blog post drove me to it! Plus, this is an intellectual, rather than ‘religious’ challenge.

        Take care


  2. If philosophers are expressing your opinions and thoughts then they are not philosophers.

    It is the purpose of the philosopher to always ask the questions that irritate most.

    The modern philosopher is consequently nothing more than a Marxist expressing leftist propaganda.

    That ancient Greek philosophers called such posers, “sophists.”

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog – i love this method of communicating with new people plus sophist is not a word I knew and I do like to learn something every day:
      However, philosophers surely had followers who agreed or related to their argument/view point – i would suggest. that sophists who discuss the non-existence of god are indeed ‘irritating’ at best.

  3. I enjoy your post and the flow of your words. (Although I’m not sure if the whole thing is one big post? Last sentence sort of messed with my head)
    Other than a few grammar errors, the only critical thought I can add is “what is the solution?” (You?) write about the problems with religion, but you never provide a solution?
    In closing, don’t just whine. It turns people off. Whine a little, then be constructive. 🙂

    1. thanks (i think 😉 ) for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I’ve just started looking at yours and am enjoying it very much. I shall follow you I think 🙂
      My end link, the Stephen Cave one, was a little self indulgent, because I love it. However I do think it helps explain the potential origins of religions as a form of comfort..
      On the other point of whining , I didn’t write it in a whiny way, (I don’t think) I know that when I write it is with an attempt to carry across your emotion, mood, tone I am feeling. Which was, at the time, largely upbeat and comfortable with my own beliefs. Basically I have no issue with anyone believing anything as long as they don’t feel the need to hurt anyone else or obstruct scientific development in the process. The fact is I don’t even think religion on the whole is a problem, generally I see it simply as pointless and a form of denial, although perhaps not if it gives comfort or alleviates fear. A bit like the tooth fairy comforting a child when they have a wobbly tooth.
      Anyway, thanks again and good to meet you here in the cyber world.

      1. Ok, that explains everything much better! I was wondering if the entire post was a quote from Stephen Cave, but I know now it was from you. 🙂
        (sorry, I can be unclear at times. Especially when commenting via phone)
        You explain your views very well and have earned a follower. Thanks and yes, good to meet someone who cares in this cyber world. Maybe we can dual a post sometime. (I am a heavy apologist for the Christian faith.)

    2. Error in my comment..

      **(…not sure if the whole thing is one big quote…)

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