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Life and loss

A certain somebody died this week.  Not just any somebody.  A SPECIAL somebody. Like every single person is to someone.

I hardly knew this particular special person, but her sudden passing this week really struck a chord.  This particular special individual died tragically this week, four weeks after a diagnosis of bowel cancer.  At least that is what I heard.  She was a woman who always smiled; always considered; always welcomed.  She helped,supported and engaged.  I knew nothing of her family or her private life but her passing this week absorbs my every thought.  People discuss it; register shock at it.  Sadness.  But life continues.  unfaltering.  Not missing a beat.

How can life simply carry on after such a tragedy?  How can life move forward? -.  Unflinching.

When I ‘go’, will I become a passing comment; a fleeting thought? Will everyone continue along their merry path? Will the world even skip a beat?

I guess for a moment there will be a ‘gathering’; a wake.  Maybe a reminiscence; a few kind words; the odd shedding of a tear.  Then life will continue its persistent drive onward.  Those left behind will go back to work, play, love, laugh.  Children will be born.  People will pass..

But if the world doesn’t stop when I go , then what was my point.

But if the world stops when I pass, then what is the point?

Life is lived; new life is born and the world continues to turn.

In a moment of ego-centricity; self-absorption I imagine or hope that the world would stop in my passing; grief too strong for life to continue.  But then the guilt of causing such pain.  Life is lived.  Life is gone.  New lives are created.  The world lives and grows.  The planet revolves.  People adapt.

Children grow, relationships form. New lives; old lives; past lives; future lessons; memories; history; legacy.

The future grows from the seeds of the past.  Every individual is somebody, a seed and nutrition for future growth.  We all leave our footprint, no matter how faint, delicate, deep.

Love, life, death.  grief, growth, development.

Humanity is amazing.



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