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Rose Tinted Recipes : Berni’s Rainbow Salad & vinaigrette dressing

Here is a great recipe that involves pretty much no cooking at all, well there is a teeny-weeny bit but not really, and the result is spectacularly lovely , its like a work of art, making it fabulous to take to a party when the host says ‘bring a plate’ or on the table at a buffet

Berni’s Rainbow Salad


2 packets of mixed leaves (obviously you could grow or buy a selection of different lettuces and do it yourself but this particular recipe is all about ease)

1 packet of cherry or baby plum tomatoes

1 yellow pepper

1/2 cucumber

2 sticks of celery

50-75 g pumpkin seeds

pomegranate seeds


heat a teaspoon or two of olive oil in a pan and toast your pumpkin seeds – I like loads of seeds but adjust amount to suit your taste.  The seeds will start to pop , keep them moving so they don’t burn on one side.  , once lightly toasted, put them to one side to cool

on a large platter, spread out your mixed leaves,

half the tomatoes and evenly scatter on top of the leaves

remove skin for cucumber and cut roughly in to 1/2 cm rounds and then each round into quarters.  Add ot your platter

de-seed your pepper and chop into bite sized pieces. Add to platter

wash and chop your celery sticks and add

sprinkle salad with pomegranate seeds and cooled toasted pumpkin seeds


Tah Dah…..

It’s great served as it is, but you could provide a light oil dressing too:-

Vinaigrette dressing

my fave is a simple vinaigrette dressing…

1 part white wine vinegar to 3 parts virgin olive oil , season with salt and plenty of black pepper.  leave it in a jug beside the salad so people can add as much or as little as they want.  Leave a spoon in the jug as the dressing will seperate out whilst standing and will need a shake/stir before adding.

You can easily jazz it up by adding any of the following:

  • freshly squeezed lemon
  • Dijon mustard
  • crushed garlic
  • mixed chopped herbs
  • freshly chopped mint
  • red pepper / chilli flakes
  • honey


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  1. Wow that is a pretty salad and sounds yummy too X #thesatsesh

    1. Berni Benton says:

      it is gorgeous looking which makes it great at a party buffet

  2. #thesatesh printed and stuck in my cook book 🙂 it looks pretty and I bet tastes delightful. A joy for the eyes and tum.

  3. It looks almost too pretty to eat!

  4. This looks lovely. I love salads and will have to give this a go. #thatsatsesh

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