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Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Whole Earth Foods sponsor the “wonder-fuel challenge”, Man v Horse Marathon, held here in my home town of Llanwrtyd Wells.  I was very lucky to acquire a case of crunchy peanut butter from the very lovely ladies who were clearly “powered by nuts” at this June’s event!

Here’s what I made with my first jar

peanut butter cheesecake

If you fancy making it yourself, this is how I made it

1 jar crunchy whole earth peanut butter

1 packet (300g) Aldi dark chocolate digestives (other brands are available!)

150g dark chocolate

100g salted butter (you don’t have to use salted but i just love salty Welsh butter )

440g Philadelphia cream cheese (or other brand)

130g castor sugar

1.crumb the biscuits in a blender ( or in a sealed bag using a rolling-pin as a hammer – great if you’re feeling frustrated, angry or need a workout!)

2. place the butter in a none metallic bowl larger than is needed (as you are going to add your crumbs in a minute), and microwave to melt (this will only take 30-60 seconds)

3.mix the crumbed biscuits into the butter. the butter/biscuit mix into the base of a loose bottom tin (I think mine was 23″,if yours is smaller your base will be thicker and your cheesecake deeper but that’s ok)

5.put this in the fridge to cool

6.melt the chocolate in the microwave in a large none metallic bowl, mix in the peanut butter (yes, all of it!), cream cheese and sugar

7.beat the double cream until it is relatively stiff (soft peaks) and stir into the mix

8. spread this onto biscuit/butter base

9. if you want, grate some extra dark chocolate over the top

10. chill (grab yourself a glass of wine whilst he cheesecake rests in the fridge)

11.Slice , serve, savour!

Do you have a wonder-fuel recipe to share?  Please leave it on my blog if you do.

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