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My mum and me…..

Aren’t genetics amazing.

I’m looking back at pictures of my mum as a young woman and some of them look more like me than pictures of me!!

I look at pictures of our son and he sometimes looks like me and sometimes his dad.  I look at pictures of his two older half brothers in their late teens and he is often the spit of either/both of them.  I look at pictures of our new(ish) grandson and compare them to pictures of our son and my step sons and I can see Baby D in all of them… and I bet you his Chinese ancestry shines through when his other grandparents stare lovingly into his gorgeous big dark almond eyes too.

Hubby shared a picture of himself today from 1986 and it could be a picture of his eldest son now (except for the mullet!)

So in honour of my gorgeous mama and as its a Thursday so I feel I can #ThrowbackThursday ya’ll here are some pics of me through the ages and my mum too

I’m not the easiest of daughters, and I’ve not always been great at communicating or showing my appreciation.  But look at that amazing woman.  She helped make me who I am today.  She has loved me despite all the heartache I know I’ve caused (although she may swear I am sweetness and light 😉 ).  and her and my dad have been a stable’ loving example of successful marriage, longevity and surviving the tough times.

As you can see from these I’ve always been ‘a bit of a madam’, ever the classy bird, and positively angelic….



Anyway, I don’t always say it but I will now… love you mumsie xxxxx
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  1. You look so alike X #mixitup

  2. Rosie Doal says:

    This is really sweet. I’m guilty of the same – not appreciating my parents enough. I’m in the middle of writing an open letter to my dad for my blog which I hope to publish soon. Just to show how much I do appreciate them x #MixItUp

  3. #thesatsesh aww i don’t think it matters about the past, i do think its essential that we give thanks in the present.
    genetics blow my brain (as do mullets)

  4. Yeah fascinating to see all those resemblances, and to appreciate your parents and all they did. I think that comes with having kids ourselves. #thesatsesh

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